True By Made Beautiful: Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner

True By Made Beautiful Nourishing Leave In Conditioner review

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9 Coily Hair

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Smells Like A Mango Smoothie!

I try really hard to keep my product junkie habits in check, therefore I tend to stick to the products that work for my hair for a long time. A great leave-in conditioner has always been a staple in my regimen, and for the past two years I have only used Kinky-Curly Knot Today or Giovanni Direct Leave-In.

When I received my February Curls Understood Box, I decided to give the Nourishing Leave In Conditioner a try. To my surprise it has been the absolute best leave-in conditioner I’ve used.

The first thing you always notice with a new natural hair product is the smell. This leave-in conditioner smells amazing, similar to a fresh mango smoothie. Speaking of mango, the ingredients list is impressive with mango seed oil, shea butter, coconut, and honey as the main ingredients. This product is also made without silicones or parabens.

In my opinion a good leave-in works as a moisturizer, detangler and daily refresher. This leave-in by Made Beautiful lives up to that expectation and the versatility is what sets this product apart from the other leave-ins I have used.

The last thing I want to share about the Made Beautiful Leave-In conditioner is the great value. The product retails for $9.99. Yes you read that correctly. Based off the quality of ingredients,  performance , and quantity (13 oz) of this product I would expect it to be close to double that price. Also you don’t have to use a ton of the product for it to be effective so it can last quite a long time. Did I mention accessibility, it’s also available at Sally’s.

I highly recommend this product. It will definitely be a staple in my regimen, and I look forward to trying more products from the True by Made Beautiful Product Line.


This leave-in conditioner is the essential step between cleansing and styling and provides ultimate slip leaving hair detangled and moisturized. Free of sulfates and parabens, shea butter and coconut penetrates hair to nourish. A unique blend of honey and mango provide ultimate moisture.

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