Length Retention Tips For Natural Hair

Are you frustrated that your hair never passes a certain length? Does it seem like your hair “isn’t growing anymore”? Truth is our hair is always growing. Even as you read this, your hair is growing! The problem is that you’re not retaining the length at your ends or maybe your scalp is experiencing issues that slows down the growth. Here are some length retention tips for natural hair you should incorporate into your hair care routine.

Understand Your Curls

• Find products that your hair loves and formulate a healthy regimen and stick with it.
• Figure out your hair porosity, density, volume and texture.

Moisture Is Key

• Listen to your hair when it screams for water. You should aim to spritz your hair with water or use a moisturizer and follow up with a sealant at least every other day. Spritzing with water is particularly helpful if you don’t want to mess up set curls like a twist out.
• Try shampooing your hair every other week and co-wash in-between instead.
• Do deep treatments for moisture and/or protein after every shampoo.
• Use the LOC Method or LCO Method.
• Do pre-poo treatments with Coconut Oil or your natural oil of choice.
• Do hot oil treatments as needed.

pH Balance Is Essential

• Maintain your hair’s pH balance by doing Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinses.
• Using a natural acid brings our curly hair into its slightly acidic pH range (4.5 – 5.5).
• ACVs should be diluted with water until it has a pH level of 4 (you can use pH strips to test – buy on Amazon).

Protect Your Ends

• Keep your ends off your shoulders by wearing protective/low-manipulation hairstyles.
• Don’t protective style for a long period of time. No one wants a sweet surprise of tangles and knots. Plus, it’s harder to moisturize your hair.
• Avoid hair accessories that may tug and break your hair and/or irritate the scalp.
• Apply more product on the ends because they are the oldest part of your hair. Oil your ends with a heavier oil like Castor Oil or Olive Oil.
• Trim your hair to get rid of those ragged ends!

Be Gentle When Handling Your Hair

• Wash in sections.
• When detangling, use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots.
• Never comb or brush you hair dry.
• Be careful when taking down protective/low manipulation styles.

General Tips

• Use a satin pillowcase when you sleep. Bonnet and scarves are fine but your scalp breaths more when you use a pillowcase
• Ditch the towel and use a t-shirt to dry your hair or air dry.
• Put down the blow dryers, flat irons and curling wands. Say NO to heat!
• Stop color-treating your hair.
• Do scalp massages to stimulate blood flow to your hair’s follicles.
• Drink a lot of water. Eat a vitamin-rich diet. Look for Hair vitamins that contain
Methylosulfonylemethame (MSM) which lengthens the growing phase of your hair.
• Leave your hair alone. Stop touching it and playing in it.

Lastly, PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY will always take you far!

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I hope these were helpful tips. Feel free to comment and let me know what you do to retain length.

Photo Credit: Angela of Incoherent

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