SKO Hair: The Towel for Stressed Hair

sko hair towel for stressed hair

If you follow me on Instagram (@princesslinzz), you know that I typically do not use towels to dry my hair. Say What?! Yep, I either use paper towels or I let my hair air dry — soaking wet. Sounds uncomfortable, right? It is! I was pleasantly surprised when SKO Hair introduced their “Towel for Stressed Hair” to me on Instagram. I just had to try it and they amazed me with their product.

Not only did the towel absorb the water and moisture perfectly, but I didn’t have to worry about stripping my hair when drying it. The low-friction towel promises not to damage your hair and boy did they deliver!

Towel for Stressed Hair Highlights

• Absorbent
• Does not interrupt the curl’s pattern
• Keeps the hair strand frizz-free and the cuticle smooth
• Even when the towel is soaked, it is built to absorb water so it does not dampen your clothes

*The towel is made of synthetic fabric that has a single continuous fiber. “The weave of the smooth, non-damaging side allows water to pass through and to be absorbed. SKO Hair’s exclusive design allows for maximum absorption without your hair ever coming into contact with any damaging fibers” -SKO Hair

How to Use the Towel

You can use the towel to dry your hair, using the smoother side. Or you can use the towel as a turban wrap, to dry your hair. How many of you ladies have wrapped your hair in a towel, and it constantly falls down? It doesn’t matter how secure you may think the towel is, it happens to unravel or fall down. It’s quiet annoying. The SKO Hair Towel for Stressed Hair has made it easier for us. On two ends of the towel their are loops that you use to wrap around the shiny gold button at the bottom (nape area) of the towel.

Once you tie up your turban, you are all set and your hair can dry.

Styling My Hair

When styling my hair, I essentially apply the styling product to soaking wet hair. It makes the product easier to apply and I get better results when doing so. However, it is super-duper messy! When using a spray bottle, I tend to wrap a regular towel around my shoulders, to protect my clothes. And you guessed it, my towel and clothes get extremely soaking wet. Surprisingly, this was not the case with the SKO Hair towel. Sure, the towel was dampened, but it didn’t seep through to my clothes. The towel held the water on its surface, as promised.

How Do You Wash The Towel?

The towel is easy to wash in the machine and throw in the dryer on low heat. I would just wash it with white clothes or clothes similar in color.

Final Thoughts

Typically, natural girls say that they just use an old t-shirt to dry their hair. which is fine. But I’m almost positive you would like to use something pretty every once in a while. I don’t know about you, but pretty packaging and styling products always make my day a bit brighter! The SKO Hair towel’s pretty silk-like fabric feels great on my hair and its gold button at the base of the towel allows you to create the perfect turban and dry your hair. .

I thank SKO Hair for introducing me to their stress-free towel, so I am no longer stressing over the health of my hair.

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