Moisture, Moisture, Moisture: Why Your Hair Needs It!

moisture for naturally curly hair

Your hair is like a sponge so fill it with good stuff that’s water soluble. Find the right conditioner for your Texture. Typically straight to wavy and fine hair textures will use a light conditioner (if any conditioners at all) and rinse out! Textures that are VERY wavy to kinky-coily will need more or heavier conditioners and may need a leave in conditioner.

TIP: Reduce shampooing frequency if you can (MopTop Gentle Shampoo $10.99), or substitute with a Cleansing Conditioner (MopTop Cleansing Conditioner $11.99) and Co-wash (a wash and conditioner combined).

Apply water soluble stylers to wet or damp hair to help lock moisture in, if the hair is balanced it won’t need to seek more moisture and thus cause frizz.

TIP: To make your conditioner go the farthest, wring out the excess water in your hair before applying conditioner from the ends towards the roots… why would you want to dilute your conditioner if you NEED more or heavier conditioner?

Frequency of shampooing is going to vary by person, hair texture and physical activity, with that said a general rule of thumb is the more texture you have the less frequently you should wash with a lathering shampoo (i.e. straighter to wavier textures may need to wash more frequently as oil secreted from the scalp and sweat will run down the hair shaft more easily causing build-up and that greasy look). For some people that is every other day, to once every 2 weeks or even some will only use a cleansing conditioner and never a lathering shampoo!

Personally it took me a year to embrace the idea of reducing the frequency of using a lathering shampoo because I’m a runner and hot yoga fanatic. It just seemed gross not to mention we have been trained to “wash, rinse & repeat!” The number one reason to reduce lathering shampoo frequency is that when we shampoo too frequently we remove ALL of our natural oils and end up with a higher Frizz Factor!

Changing this single thing can drastically reduce the Frizz Factor for Super Wavy to Kinky-Coily hair. Shampooing too frequently can strip off color, as well as cause you to NEED more products to add back the natural oils you keep stripping off. Reducing shampoo frequency allows you to use your natural oils, have healthier looking hair and saves money too! Make sure you use only sulfate Free shampoos.

I do believe that an OCASSIONAL lathering shampoo or even a clarifying treatment to remove chlorine, minerals and product build up [if your products are NOT water soluble] is a necessary thing because it allows you to work from a clean slate and the products you use will work better.

WARNING: Use a Silicone based product if you flat iron, however, you MUST clarify from time to time because the silicone can build up and cause your hair to break more easily, and you end up with fine and fragile hair.

MopTop hair products use honey and believe it or not this ingredient actually helps keep your hair cleaner longer! I love that for my ACTIVE lifestyle.

For hair that is straight, slightly wavy or thin you will have to use a lathering shampoo and may not even need a conditioner, just depends on how much your natural oils weigh down your hair. In order to get “lift”, massage your scalp under water, then clarify or shampoo, let it sit for a bit then rinse thoroughly.

On the days you do this you will have more lift because you removed the excess oil.

WARNING: Do NOT do this every-time, because you will train your skin to over produce oil then you will be a mess!

Written by MopTop Hair. Visit their site to purchase their products for ALL hair textures.

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