Best Drug Store Hair Dyes for Natural Hair

best drugstore hair dye

I absolutely adore colored curls! I love being on Instagram and Pinterest and seeing naturals playing with shades of blonde, reds, and browns.

We all know that going to the salon for color treatments can get costly. If you’re dying to be fly with a new color, but still want to keep a little money in your pockets, try one of these amazing drugstore brands that are gentle enough for natural hair.

Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream Color

I color my hair every 6-8 months and this brand is one of my favorites, especially for root touch-ups. I love using the “Blue Black” to add a bit of color to my dark hair and the hydrating formula leaves my hair soft, shiny, and moisturized.

Dark and Lovely Fade Resist Hair Color

This line of hair colors are bold and vivid. I love using the “Brown Sable” shade during the spring/summer months to give my hair a warmer look. The conditioner that comes with this hair color smells amazing and really makes my curls pop!

Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Hair Color

Creme of Nature is an amazing hair care line and their at-home hair colors are no exception. If you’re just looking to do a touch-up, cover grays, or deepen/brighten your current color, I would recommend this line. The vitamins and strengthening conditioner help prevent damage, dryness, and breakage. I like to use the “Intense Black” shade because it gives me a bold look that’s absolutely gorgeous during the winter months.

To all the naturals out there that love to play with hair color as much as I do, please remember to keep your curls moisturized. Hair masks, deep conditioners, and protein treatments are crucial. If you’ve never colored your hair before, start slow with a gentle formula. Remember, coloring your hair can be a fun way to switch up your look and can be done healthily.


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