3 Ingredients To Oomph Up Your Deep Conditioner

add ingredients to your conditioner

Let’s face it, the DIY lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Some of us don’t have the patience, the time or if you’re like me – just absolutely no good with measurements. Does making your own deep conditioner from scratch sound cumbersome?

Try using the deep conditioner you already have as a base and add in extra ingredients to further personalize your natural hair routine. You get to customize an already favorite product PLUS stretch the usage, in turn saving you money!

Grab your go-to deep conditioner, a bowl, a spoon and check out my list of ‘add in’ ingredients that take any pre purchased deep conditioner to the next level:


Honey is an amazing moisturizer and is great for adding shine to your hair. It’s a natural humectant, which means it retains the moisture on your hair and lessens the chance of breakage. Add a tablespoon of raw honey (skip the microwave and melt it over boiling water) to your deep conditioner, stir well and apply as usual.


If you have a regular deep conditioner but would like to transform it into a strengthening treatment, take a look in your fridge and grab some protein! Mayonnaise is rich in fat and protein, which repairs your hair, adds shine and many naturals say it reduces frizz. Add a tablespoon (or two!) to your deep conditioner, mix well and apply as usual.


An Aloe plant is one of those mandatory items that should be in every house hold. Aloe has so many healing properties, you’re bound to find use for it, plus they look nice. If you don’t have fresh aloe gel from a plant, you can buy it bottled at most hair supply stores or food markets. Aloe gel promotes shine, moisture retention and prevents hair loss, especially for tight coiled naturals. Add a teaspoon of aloe vera gel to your deep conditioner, stir very well (the gel is slimy, especially if fresh) and apply as usual.

And just like that, without getting all Bill Nye Science Guy in your kitchen, you’ve eased your way into the world of DIY. Experiment with other add ins like jojoba oil, olive oil, eggs or even sea salt. Try different variations of ingredients until you get that perfect batch for your curls.

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