10 Cruelty-Free Natural Hair Brands to Try on a Budget!

curly hair products cruelty free

So you’ve probably heard about these amazing brands before but did you know that they were all made from naturally derived ingredients and cruelty-free (meaning they were not tested on animals). For me that’s a double win!


There are many curly brands that promote natural ingredients in their products and for the most part they do predominantly consist of naturally derived ingredients. But naturally derived is not the same as all-natural!

In order for mass produced products to make it from their factories, on the road, live on fulfillment and store shelves and finally survive in your home, some inorganic ingredients must be present to keep the product from spoiling. All that said it’s better to use products that are formed from healthy products. You can learn more about hair product ingredients here.

Cruelty-free brands are pretty easy to spot. Just look for either a bunny logo or any symbol indicating that the product is “cruelty-free” or was “not tested on animals” on the brand’s label or website.

curly hair products cruelty free



I’m always looking for new products to try because I notice that after about 6 months, the deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners I use seem to become less effective. Shampoos and conditioners I don’t worry about so much, maybe because their purpose is short lived. By switching to a new product my hair seems to get an extra boost of life. I also love the fact that I may discover something new that my hair adores!


Now I know what you’re thinking. It can get very expensive testing and trying new products – and there are so many wonderful brands to try! Subscription boxes are one way to go. You get to try sample size products and perhaps discover something new.

Another cost-effective way I’ve discovered is signing up for ebates.com. It takes 30 seconds, is free and you get paid to shop! Yep, you read that right. Sign up via this link and automatically receive $10 in your account then receive cash back every time you purchase something through the ebates.com site.

I’ve been using the site to buy all my new hair products via Walgreens, Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Amazon and more. You can even search for a specific brand name. Bottom line is every purchase you make via the site, hair product or otherwise, you’ll get cash back (not just a discount… cash!!) So now you can use the money you earn over time to try new products or splurge on something else you deserve.

Here are the 10 curly hair products that are cruelty free and derived from natural ingredients. I’ve tried four out of ten of these brands (Mop Top Hair, Shea Moisture, Carol’s Daughter and Giovanni) and love them all for different reasons but as I mentioned before I’m always willing to try new brands as the new holy grail of products may be just around the corner. Hope you find yours!


1. MorrocanOil
2. Carol’s Daughter
3. Original Moxie
4. Deva Curl
5. Jane Carter
6. Shea Moisture
7. Giovanni
8. Camille Rose Naturals
9. Mop Top Hair
10. Jessicurl

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