The Baggy Method: Tried & Tested Results

the baggy method on natural hair

We’re all trying to find the best and easiest ways to retain moisture in our hair. So many products claim to add moisture, but let’s face it, a lot of them come up short. For the past month I decided to try the baggy method on my natural hair.

The baggy method is the act of locking moisture into your hair to soften strands and promote growth. This method is even supposed to help with dry ends, softening them as well and allowing moisture to penetrate. Here are the things you will need to try this method:

• A Plastic Cap
• Leave in Conditioner/ Moisturizer of Your Choice
• Oil
• Hair Tie

All you have to do is apply the leave-in or moisturizer to clean hair or ends. Then add your oil of choice to seal in the moisture. Place a plastic cap over your head for a couple of hours or sleep with the bag on your head. Whenever you choose to take it off, style your hair as normal. Your hair should be soft and very well moisturized.

I applied this method to my whole head twice a week for one month. I tried a few different leave-ins to see what would work best on my hair. Tip: use a leave-in that you consider to be easily absorbed into your hair.

Anything too heavy will just weigh your hair down. After some trial and error my perfect combination end up being Cantu Leave-In Conditioner with either vitamin E oil or almond oil. Any oil will do, but I find these oils to be great moisturizers for my hair.

The next step was figuring out how long I wanted to leave it in my hair. My hair loves to be deep conditioned overnight, so I decided I would do the same for this method. After co-washing my hair, I applied the leave-in and oil. Then I put my hair in two low loose buns. I didn’t use hair ties but you can, just make sure that they’re not super tight.

I’ve completed my 4 weeks of the baggy method… I love the moisture it adds to my hair and my ends.

I placed my plastic cap over my head and then a head wrap for extra security as I slept. Your head gives off heat so creating this ‘oven’ on your head helps open the cuticles so they can soak up the moisture. In the morning I took my hair down and super soft and moisturized. I proceeded to style it as usual and it looked great and felt awesome.

Even though I liked the overnight conditioning I decided that I would try the daytime scenario just to compare. So a couple of days later I co-washed my hair as usual and repeated the same steps as I did for the overnight one.

I kept it covered for about 3-4 hours, and I have to say I loved the results! My hair was moisturized and ready for anything. I decided to do it this way for the remainder of the time I had set aside to try the baggy method.

I’ve completed my 4 weeks of the baggy method and overall I think it’s definitely a staple in my weekly hair routine. I love the moisture it adds to my hair and my ends as well.

If you’re suffering from really dry hair or just want to add an extra boost of moisture into your regimen, I would totally recommend trying this method. It’s quick, easy, and barely takes any extra time when you compare it to deep conditioning. I would even maybe substitute this method for one of my deep conditioning sessions during the week.

Hope you guys find this helpful! Until next time Curlies, love those CURLS! If you’ve tried the baggy method leave a comment below!

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