5 Sweat Free Workouts for Naturals

workout with natural hair

We’ve all been there! It’s January 1st and as part of our New Years’ resolutions, we decide this is the year we’re gonna have a Beyonce body. We start thinking about all the workouts we’re gonna do – swimming, jogging, Zumba but then you remember – my hair!

I’m not gonna lie, my hair often stops me from working out. I know it’s bad! But when I’ve spent 5 hours of my Saturday afternoon pre-pooing, deep conditioning and creating that bomb twist out, I don’t want to ruin it by sweating it out. So I found some workouts that don’t make me sweat that much but still keep me fit and healthy.



At the moment, I’m living and going to university in London and instead of taking the tube (for everyone who isn’t familiar with London, it’s the subway/underground train system here!). I walk to school everyday. It’s a 30 to 40 minute walk but I get that good exercise in. That’s about 2000 steps! I get some fresh air in the process too – it’s a win win! Try to incorporate walking wherever possible.



Nothing calms the nerves like a bit of yoga and it’s also extremely good for your body. It increases flexibility, helps regulate breathing, increases blood flow and perfects posture. It is amazing for toning your body and there are so many different.



Pilates is one of my favourite non-sweaty exercises. My stomach is at its flattest when I’m doing pilates regularly. It strengthens your core, elongates and strengthens the body and improves joint mobility. I have very stiff knees and pilates really helped.


Climbing Stairs

This is a pretty obvious/simple one but it’s very effective! If you live in an apartment block or you go somewhere with lots of floors, try taking the stairs instead of the lift/elevator! No one is saying you need to sprint up the stairs!! But a gentle walk never hurt anyone. It’s a good bit of gentle cardio and it gives you a perky derriere. YASSSS.


Gentle Cycling

A leisurely cycle can be a great gentle workout and an eco-friendly way to get around. Unless you’re on some Tour de France vibes, cycling around the town or city you live in is great exercise. It is great cardio, an excellent way to tone your thighs and glutes and can tighten those abs right up.

workout with natural hair


Of course, you can turn up the intensity on all these workouts (and if you do read these tips to keep your hair as frizz free as possible). But these workouts are sure to keep the body as well as your gorgeous hair in check!

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