Summer Wedding Hairstyles For Long Natural Hair

Your wedding day is the one day you want to make absolutely perfect. You over plan, and double plan, check and triple check, going over every single detail.

My wedding is less than 4 months away and I can’t figure out what to do with my hair. Being natural has opened up so many more possibilities style-wise, but with so many options how do I choose? Here are my top 6!


I love this protective style on a normal day. Twists are so versatile, they can be pinned, tucked, or morphed into an updo.


I’d have to add extensions to achieve this look, but isn’t it gorgeous? This style has it’s pros and cons. The pros— I know my curls will last and I can curl each ringlet for a really romantic, natural-looking style. My only concern is since this is an outdoor wedding, will this style be too much?


With this style I could get the best of both worlds, the natural poof and the sleekness of a pulled back look.


Since I’m having an outdoor wedding, I imagine this style will keep me the coolest. It’s timeless and will look great from any angle.


Pompadours are so trendy right now. The look is cutting edge, but still classic. This style can be pulled back in the nape of your neck or can be done higher up near the crown. I’ve even seen it pinned with the back out.


With so many natural clip-on options available, this look would be totally achievable on the big day. I’d also be able to wear a flower crown without having to adjust my style.

So which style are you guys feeling? How did you all decide on your wedding hair? I’d love to hear from all the natural brides out there in the comments below!

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