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Have you ever had the perfect structure for a nice puff right in the palm of your hands, only to have it messed up when you put your choice of accessory in to hold it? I know I have. There are so many make-shift accessories to make the perfect puff such as knee high stockings, T-shirt pieces, old headbands tied strategically together, the list goes on.

Then one day I stumbled upon the Snappee. It’s an upgrade to the traditional hair tie. You wrap it around your hair and snap the ends together and that’s it! They come in assorted colors, made from spandex-nylon material, and are machine washable. They can even be placed in the dryer if you begin to see them lose its original stretch pattern. They can be worn as a headband or wrist accessory as well.

I have been lazy with my hair lately in regards to styling. So the puff has been my everyday routine. What I like about the Snappee is that you can choose to wear one, or snap two of them together if you want to wear as a headband, or for those that have thicker longer hair.

I choose to wear one, even if I’m having a big hair day, because I like a more secure puff, yet it’s not too tight and does not pull on my edges which is very important. I occasionally may use a clip first which is what I have always done to help me get all my hair in place, then I wrap it around my hair, snap it together, remove my clip, and that’s it. I wore them as a headband once, and snapped two different colors together and received a lot of compliments and questions in regards to how they work.

Snappee is for all hair types, but have made a lot of naturals happy including those that wear locs. Locs come in all forms in terms of thickness and length; I am sure at some time or another we all have seen someone with locs wear a rubberband to secure their hair due to possibly not finding a large enough tie to secure.

With the Snappee you can snap a few together and create the perfect fit. I love anything that can assist with lessening the maintenance of hair, especially natural hair, and this has helped me tremendously.

For more info on the Snappee, visit or follow on Instagram: @snappeeinc.

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