Sealing in Moisture & Hair Growth

sealants for natural hair

Let’s discuss sealants and how they are beneficial to the growth of your hair. You may be familiar with the concept of sealing but not as familiar with how it can benefit your hair, especially when it comes to growth. Below I discuss sealants for natural hair and why should add them to your regimen.

What Are Sealants?

A hair sealant can be an oil (natural/organic) that is used to “seal” the moisture within the hair strands. Water is the only true moisturizer for your hair. Any product that is labeled as a moisturizer is water-based (check the label to be sure). In order to trap the water we put into her hair, we must “seal” it in. Oils are best to lock moisture in as oil molecules are larger than that of water so they literally block them from leaving the hair shaft.

How To Moisturize and Seal Your Hair

• Wash and detangle your hair
• Add your leave-in conditioner of choice
• Add a tablespoon size of your natural oil of choice to your hair – that’s it!

For Daily Sealing and Moisturizing

• Fill a spray bottle with water, natural oil, and fragrance (optional)
• Prior to styling, spritz hair with water concoction (especially the ends)
• Style as usual

I rarely use heat on my hair, but when I do I make sure that I moisturize and seal my strands while wet. Although using conditioners, moisturizing products, and leave-in products can provide hair with strength and elasticity, the moisture levels of our hair needs to be replenished on a daily basis (or at least every other day) because:

• Moisturizing your hair once a week will not adequately meet the hydration needs of our hair which is prone to drying out
• If you have high temperatures in your area (like I do in the South), evaporation of the moisture in our hair occurs very quickly
• Our hair fibers are easily damaged by daily wear and tear. Damaged hair fibers tends to lose moisture quicker than healthy strands

Natural hair therefore has to be moisturized several times during the week to keep it hydrated, feeling smooth, looking healthy and able to resist breakage.

How Does Sealing Promote Hair Growth?

When you seal the moisture into your strands, you are strengthening your hair and protecting them from daily wear and tear. You are also giving your hair more elasticity, and protecting it from being brittle and breaking off.

So remember to always moisturize and seal your natural strands at least three times a week.

NOTE: Do not attempt to use a sealant on dry hair. It will only make your hair dryer as the oil will block your hair from receiving any moisture you add to it, which could lead to breakage.

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