How I Repaired My Color Damaged Curls

The damage was done. I just had my hair routinely highlighted, but something wasn’t right this time. I had been left under the dryer on high heat for 40 minutes and now my hair was paying the price. For a while my hair wouldn’t even hold a curl because of the damage it endured.

What did she do to my hair? How am I going to fix this? Will my hair ever curl again?

While searching for a cure, I stumbled up a product line called It’s a 10. I immediately bought the miracle hair mask, miracle leave-in product, and miracle daily conditioner.

These three products, excessive trims, and gentle styling saved my hair. It took a few months but my hair was finally healthy again, dare I say in even better condition than before! Here’s how each part of my new regimen helped bring my hair back to life.

It’s A 10 Products

The products promise to deliver 10 things instantly, such as repairing damage, adding shine, controlling frizz, preventing split ends, and preventing breakage. There are also various collections that are tailored to various needs. I still love the basic Blue Collection, but I’ve tried some of the others and they’re all amazing in their own way.

Regular Trims

I was trying to grow my hair out when the damage happened, but I decided that health was more important than length. When the damage was at its worst, I got my hair trimmed every six weeks. This helped keep my ends fresh and able to absorb all the moisture I was giving them. Fresh ends also did wonders for my curls. With every trim, more and more of my curls bounced back to life.

Gentle Styling

Loose braids and buns were my best friends during this rough time. Every evening I would apply a pump of conditioner to my ends and throw my hair into a loose braid to sleep on. Buns were great for daytime styling because they’re cute, effortless, and they don’t require any heat. The key to gentle styling is to avoid all heat and keep the hair moisturized. Loose ends lose moisture quickly so I made sure to reapply a light moisturizing oil or serum throughout the day to keep my curls soft and shiny.

Damaged hair can be stressful and hard to manage, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. During this time I learned a great deal about repairing my hair and keeping my curls healthy. With these tips, your hair will be strong and healthy in no time.

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