10 Up-&-Coming Natural Hair Bloggers to Check Out NOW!

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We love seeing up-and-coming bloggers and vloggers growing in the natural hair space, especially when they’re one of our very own Curly Ambassadors! If you’re looking for inspiration at any stage of your journey then these ladies are worth checking out! Below we list 10 of our most frequent contributors (be sure to also read their Curls Understood articles).


Brandy Gueary aka Authentically B

Brandy is a Houston girl with a unique perspective on fashion, beauty, DIY, and all the bits and pieces in between called life. She started her blog Authentically B after she decided to listen to her inner voice nudging her to share things that she’s working on in an effort to help others discover how capable they are. Her blog has 3 distinct categories: DIY (Do it yourself) Projects; PIY (Plan it yourself) such as events and EIY (Experience it yourself) for example travel. Her photos are amazing and provide plenty of fashion inspiration!
Check out her Curls Understood posts here


Claudine of Nature’s Natural Hair

Hailing from the UK, Claudine’s blog Nature’s Natural Hair is a dynamic social platform that aims to inspire and empower a multicultural community of naturalistas. Topics include how to care for the greatest crown that was given to us… our natural hair! Categories include beauty, a dash of fashion and a sprinkle of product reviews and hair regimes. Be sure to check it out!
Check out her Curls Understood posts here


Francis of A Bundle of Curls

Francis, a college graduate from Radford University, has been natural for a few years. She worked as a visual merchandiser at Macy’s and has always been into fashion. Her blog A Bundle of Curls combines her life being natural and her love for fashion.
Check out her Curls Understood posts here


Lindsey Allen aka Princess Linz

Lindsey is a New York City native, born and raised. She enjoys researching and educating others on everything regarding natural healthy hair via her super informative and well written blog Princess Linzz. On it she shares tips and tricks with the natural hair community on how to set and achieve healthy hair goals.
Check out her Curls Understood posts here


Mekea of Observe and Obsess

Over the past 10 years, Mekea’s made 3 or 4 attempts & is excited to finally be 100% natural! She owes the ease of her transition to her stylist, as well as other natural hair mavens on social media. By day, she works in non-profit marketing. At night you can catch her scrolling through instagram/tumbler, obsessing over hair, beauty, & decor or working on her amazing blog Observe and Obsess!
Check out her Curls Understood posts here


Nicole aka ChicNaturlNikki

Living in Las Vedas, Nicole understood what going natural meant until she stumbled upon YouTube. Ever since then her life has changed. Her own channel ChicNaturlNikki is for women who might need a little help through the frustrating challenges of going natural themselves. Her channel is perfect for those at any stage of their journey.
Check out her Curls Understood posts here


Renata aka Naturally Nata

Renata Jackson is a wife and mom. As a natural hair enthusiast, blogger and blogger she shares hair care tips and tutorials via her YouTube channel Naturally Nata and blog I Am Naturally Nata. Her channel covers in depth hair and makeup tutorials, protective styling how-tos and more.
Check out her Curls Understood posts here


Shar’del Haden aka Naturally Shar’del

Shar’del is a young mom, wife, and vlogger. She’s a naturalista who’s discovering more and more ways to help the natural hair community. You can connect with her via her channel Naturally Shar’del includes hair and string tips, makeup tutorials and musings on life. She posts new videos every week!
Check out her Curls Understood posts here


Tara of Nature’s Locks

The goal of Tara’s blog Nature’s Locks is simple: to share tips, experiences and mistakes with you – and trust me, I’ve made many mistakes when it comes to my hair and skin. But we learn from our mistakes, don’t we?? And through that, I can help others! I also wish to create a forum where we can all help each other – so please feel free to comment below when you have any tips or questions for myself or anyone else!
Check out her Curls Understood posts here


Tia aka King Teeuhh

Kingteeuhh is a lifestyle blog dedicated to celebrating the boldness of womanhood in every phase of life. Sister, Aunt, recent graduate, and passionate creative. She enjoys creating, experimenting, and traveling–enjoying life. She is an engineer by trade but thoroughly enjoys feeding her creative side with beauty, blogging, and YouTube. Aside from working full-time she cultivates content for her blog and YouTube channel to share experiences and lessons learned. This little corner of hers on the interweb is intended to be a platform to “celebrate the boldness of womanhood,” by encouraging women to live boldly in their desires and fervently pursue their passions.
Check out her Curls Understood posts here

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