McClure Twins: How To Save Time Styling Multiple Kids With Natural Hair!

mcclure twins

We’ve been obsessed with the McClure Twins and their YouTube channel for months now and love that Ami McClure (their mom) has started sharing how she styles her gorgeous twins, Ava and Alexis’ hair! You many not have twins but if you have more than one child, you know that making time to take care of their hair can be a challenge. In honor of the twin’s 4th birthday today, we are sharing their top 3 hair tutorials. Enjoy!

These three videos will give you some awesome tips and save you some time. The key is to create hairstyles that can transition easily from one style to the next with relative ease. Why create more work for yourself?!

Also, if kids can learn how to start taking care of their curls as soon as possible, they can learn to appreciate their curls sooner rather than later. That’s another reason why we love the McClure twins’ hair tutorials. Ami, their mom, gets them involved in the process.

All Photos: Justin McClure

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