How To To Achieve 5 Day Hair Using the “Pineapple”

I get so many questions on how I preserve my hair at night and how to achieve seccond and third day hair. (I even achieved fifth day hair out of a rod set once. Yep, you heard that right! Fifth day hair! Can I get an Amen?)

The key is to pineapple your hair at night. What is pineappling? Pineappling is a quick nighttime styling method to preserve your hair at night. It helps your twist-outs last longer and who doesn’t want that? Here’s a quick rundown and what you will need in order to pineapple your hair.

What You’ll Need

• Large bonnet
• Satin scrunchie or oversized headband
• Satin pillowcase (if you prefer not to use a bonnet)

How To Pineapple

Step 1
Gather your hair at the top of your head in the middle

Step 2
Use your scrunchie to secure your hair in a ponytail at the top of your head. Make sure this ponytail is in the center of your head.

Step 3
Cover your hair with your satin bonnet – I use an oversized bonnet since I have a lot of hair. Not into bonnets? Sleeping on a satin pillowcase is another option.

And that’s it!

Make sure to place your pineapple high enough at the top of your head so that you can sleep on either sides comfortably and without flattening the top.

Be sure to keep your hair well-oiled to prevent frizz. The more frizz the less longevity your style will have. Also try to keep from over-styling and manipulating your curls. If you have shorter hair, here’s a great alternative method.

What technique do you use to preserve your hairstyles?

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