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This absolutely works!

Let me start by saying Hairfinity has in no way endorsed me to write this review, but I’m about to sing a whole lot of praise about this product. My friend first introduced me to Hairfinity vitamins when I mentioned to her that my hair always seemed to break once it got to a certain length (about 6-8 inches), even though I felt like I was doing ALL the right things. I was 6 years into my journey so I was not a rookie in these natural streets!

My friend had been using Hairfinity for about a year and loved it. Her hair was the thickest it had ever been which is saying something since her hair is already pretty thick.

So I tried it. After all I had nothing to lose. I bought 3 bottles from Amazon which at 2 vitamin pills a day lasted about 3 months. I maintained my regular hair regimen and began taking the supplements. After just one month there was a noticable change in my hair’s thickness!


Now let me just pause here and state that I’m a kinky girl with fine hair at medium length. Hairfinity was able to supply my hair with the missing nutrients it needed to be at its best, thickest and healthiest. In retrospect, I don’t think my hair regimen was the problem but rather my diet!

I also noticed that those little angel knots that used to plague my existence virtually disappeared. I can go 2 weeks or more without having to cut one out of my hair. When I do have to pick up my shears I only cut one, maybe two, out at the most.

I highly recommend Hairfinity to all hair types. Try just one bottle if you’re skeptical but 3 bottles/3 months really is the optimal length of time to try any new product.

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Hairfinity Hair Vitamins are formulated with hair specific nutrients to nourish your hair from the INSIDE OUT and promote faster growing, longer, thicker, stronger hair, and more vibrant hair.

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