Six Secret Santa Gift Ideas (from Black Owned Businesses!)

gift guide 2017 christmas

Sleigh Secret Santa this year with these six unbeatable finds for every friend in mind!
Curated with the best of products from young black entrepreneurs, from hair care to visual art, we’ve covered this year’s holiday hit list. Let’s get started!


For the… Homebody


Give the gift of convenience with Yeluchi. This game changing, at-home hair styling service founded, by sisters Abigail and Antonia Opiah, boasts professional salon quality and treatment in the luxury of your own abode. Couch potatoes rejoice! Prices range from $50 to $300 with gift cards available at any desired amount.


For the… Creative

Nichelle Kobi Print

Armed with a mission to showcase the Black woman in all of her glory, French illustrator Nichelle Kobi stuns with mesmerizing watercolors of lush afros, dancing shapes and vibrant pigments. Exuding the essence of black excellence, beauty and style, Kobi’s portraits continue the conversation of the black woman’s identity in an Eurocentric climate.

Best of all, travel friendly items such as mugs, totes, make-up bags, etc. are available on the shop website.


For the… Idealist


Karen Young, CEO and Founder of Oui Shave, fights the good fight for supple, even colored skin in the most unrelenting of areas with the Bikini Body Brightening Balm.

Reliant on the miraculous, skin healing benefits of Shea Nilotica of Eastern Africa, the luxe balm melts upon contact hydrating and purifying the skin of dark marks and blemishes. The perfect gift for the one friend who aspires for perfection from head to toe.


For the… Analyst


In this day and age data reigns supreme. Why shouldn’t the same notion be applied to hair? Enter Form Beauty. Form created by the Walker Company, famously known for it’s Bevel launch interprets data provided by the customer and designs a customized regimen for a healthier, manageable coif.

Environmental factors of the city of residence, styling and cleansing preferences and more are taken in consideration for a successful customization. Subscriptions start at $40/month.


For the.. Gym Rat

Plant Apothecary

Designed to relieve sore muscles, Plant Apothecary’s Super Soak Organic Healing Bath pairs organic mustard and eucalyptus oils for a healing concoction of soothingly, warm aromatic relaxation. A welcoming cure for any post gym workout.


For the… Cook

Essie Spice

Essie of Essie Spices creates a labor of love with mouthwatering dressings and sauces tickling your taste buds with culinary delight and traveled wonder.

From her delectable blend of tamarind, ginger, guava and vanilla bottled as the bestselling Tamarind OH! to the heavenly chow of sweet mango complimented with Vidalia onions and Jamaican Scotch bonnet peppers, Essie’s Spice spices are the secret weapon for an awarding dish. Gift all for with the Essiespice Essential Sauce Collection.

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