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As a Curly Ambassador I received the new UK based Bouclème line to try out and review. Their full line is available at Ayla Beauty here in the US! Along with the products, I also received a step by step guide on how to use the products that were formulated specifically for my Curly hair type. It was my very own curl prescription, pretty cool right?! My package contained a total of 4 products: a Curl Cleanser, Curl Conditioner, Curl Cream and a Curl Defining Gel.

Curl Cleanser

My curl prescription suggested detangling with coconut oil before washing to prevent further detangling during the shampoo process. The instructions state to use on dry hair. This was new to me since I’ve always applied shampoo to wet hair.

I have a sensitive nose when it comes to using hair products so I must admit the smell was not pleasing and reminded me of the scent of a relaxer. I fought through and continued with the process. As I was applying the shampoo I noticed I was having to use more and wasn’t getting a good lather.

I worked from front to back then applied shampoo to the sides of my hair as advised. Once the shampoo was applied completely I wet my hair and shampooed as normal. I was able to get a better lather going once my hair was wet. I used more shampoo as needed and massaged my scalp to insure my scalp was free from all product build up. I rinse my hair and proceeded to use the curl conditioner.

Curl Conditioner

Honestly this was my favorite product out of the bunch. It had a refreshing green tea scent. I raked it through my hair and it clumped my curls together very well. (This is when I determined I LOVED this conditioner) The instructions indicate to completely saturate my hair until its milky white. This works as a leave in conditioner so you don’t rinse it out.

Curl Cream

I applied the curl cream to saturated hair by raking it through section by section on top of the curl cream. You can apply a few drops of a pure oil or shea butter after the curl cream to help retain moisture and to control frizz. I decided to skip this part since I wanted to get a true feel of how the products work on their own.

After completely covering my hair in the curl cream I noticed instantly that my hair was very full, HELLO VOLUME, and my curls were bouncy. I couldn’t help doing a few or 10 hair fluffs in the mirror. Ok time to move on to the final step.

Curl Defining Gel

Of course my hair is still soaking wet so I ranked a small amount of the gel. I was a little fearful that too much would make my hair hard or stiff. Thankful that wasn’t the case, my hair was still soft and bouncy. I air dried and of course shrinkage set in. To help retain length you can use a diffuser or hooded drier.

My Overall Thoughts

Throughout the weeks I used the curl conditioner and curl cream alone without the gel and was still happy with my results. I had day 3 hair on day one! I couldn’t get over how full and bouncy my curls were.

I didn’t care for the smell of the shampoo but it worked well. The rest of the products were pretty good and I’d continue to use them. My overall rating was an 8.


Curl Cleanser: Zero foam for maximum hydration! Cleanses curls without stripping away moisture. Free from sulphates, silicones and parabens.

Curl Conditioner: Packed with 100% natural botanicals to restore optimum moisture to dry frizzy curls. Perfect for all curl types.

Curl Cream: Quench dry and dehydrated curls with our all new moisture rich Curl Cream

Curl Defining Gel: Extracts of Aloe Vera and Linseed smooth and define curls giving all day frizz control and great curl definition.

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