Adore Botanicals: Flourishing Scalp Nectar

Adore Botanicals Flourishing Scalp Nectar

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9 Coily Hair

10 Kinky Hair

I was in desperate need of a moisturizing hair oil and I was ecstatic when I was able to try this product for Curls Understood (perks of being a Curly Ambassador)! The Flourishing Scalp Nectar from Adore Botanicals is liquid hair oil to moisturize and nourish the hair and scalp. The key ingredients mix together to create a product with a great smell, texture and moisturizing properties. A brief description of the key ingredients:

• Argan Oil – Penetrates the hair and pores to provide shine and make hair softer.
• Jojoba Oil – Helps in preventing tangles and breakage.
• Proprietary Botanical Blend – A combination of florals that help with hair loss, frizz and hair growth.
• Rice Bran Oil – Helps reduce dandruff.
• Rosehips Seed Oil – Helps with scalp conditions.

This hair oil contains ingredients that were unfamiliar to me and it was good to try something new. The oil can be used in multiple ways: as needed, hot oil treatments, scalp massage and sealant.


I used this hair oil on freshly washed and conditioned hair as a sealant and scalp moisturizer. This product has a very light and airy scent that does not linger. One of my favorite things about this hair oil is that it is on the thicker side yet does not make the hair and scalp feel weighed down.

Most hair oils I try are either extremely runny or too thick. This oil is the perfect combination – it efficiently coats the hair. I noticed that it immediately softened and helped with detangling my hair. It is extremely easy to apply on the hair because of the applicator tip which is a plus.

The Flourishing Scalp Nectar greatly helped with my dry and itchy scalp. It’s the perfect product for the colder months that are approaching. I really like this product and it will be added to my hair regiment. I will continue to use it as a sealant on freshly washed and conditioned hair but I will also apply as needed. There is just one thing…the product size is a little small. I have thick hair and it can soak up some oil and I can be a little heavy handed with applying product; so it would be great if this hair oil was sold in a bigger bottle.


This infusion of soothing florals, stimulating herbs, & penetrating oils is highly beneficial to those suffering with dandruff, dermatitis, psoriasis, dry and itchy scalp. This product is free of artificial colors, artificial fragrance, dying alcohols, parabens, phosphates and sulfates. All florals and herbs used are organically produced. The oils used are cold pressed, natural and unrefined. Also contains ingredients derived from nuts.

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