5 Hot Wig Trends for Naturals!

wigs for natural hair

It’s officially #ProtectiveStyleSeason. Protective Style Season refers to the colder months of the year when the harsh winds and cold air can wreak havoc on your curls. The cold weather can cause your hair to lose its moisture and luster, leading to dryness, and breakage if you don’t take the time to provide it some extra TLC.

Many naturals opt to rock protective styles during this time of year to shield their tresses from any possible damage. Personally, I take full advantage of protective style season. I love to give my curls a break during this time by wearing various different styles that will keep them completely up and out of the way.

In this post, I’m going to be discussing my all time favorite protective style, which are wigs! I’m going to be sharing with you my top 5 wig style trends for the fall/winter that you can wear to switch up your look and also to protect that mane!


The Curly Afro Wig

A curly afro is a great wig style because it can still give you the natural look that you’re used to rocking, while still keeping your hair protected. There are also various hair textures that you can get your Afro wig in, so you can choose to get a texture that is close to your own to make it seem like it’s really your hair, or you can choose to get a texture that is different from yours to spice up your look.

This unit is a synthetic lace front and it is from SamsBeauty.com, my favorite website to shop on for wigs. Don’t be afraid to try a synthetic unit as they are amazing quality, and much more affordable than human hair units. Especially if you are just starting out with wearing wigs, a synthetic one is a great way to learn the ropes without breaking the bank.


The Long, Voluminous & Curly Wig

A long, curly wig is a great way to make a statement. It is also a great way to keep warm because they usually have a lot of hair to them. These types of units are very full and flowy, and will make you feel like a goddess! You can get a unit like this in your natural hair color, or you can choose to step out of the box and get it in honey blonde, burgundy, or a gorgeous light brown. These two options (option one and option two), also from SamsBeauty.com, are both wigs that I personally own and they are both favorites of my collection. These types of wigs will make you feel beautiful!


The Drunk In Love Bob

“I been drankin… I been drankin” Everyone knows this song and everyone knows the super sexy short blonde bob Beyoncé wore in the video. I’ve seen so many wigs inspired by that hairstyle. This wig trend is for the naturalista that really wants to come out of her comfort zone! The above option from SamsBeauty.com is a perfect example of the Beyoncé bob if you get it in the color DYX4/613 from Sam’s beauty. The bright blonde color with the dark roots will have you “sleighing” the holiday season!


The Silky Straight Wig

A simple straight haired wig can be an awesome option if you have the itch to straighten your natural hair. Instead of causing any heat damage on your own hair, you can get a straight wig in your own hair color or in a fun, different hair color. These synthetic wigs can withstand heat appliances up to a certain temperature which will be specified on the packaging, so you can flat iron it or add some bouncy wand curls to it if you please.

Even better, you can put the wig on an inexpensive styrofoam wig head and add some flexi rods to the hair overnight. When you wake up and remove the rods, you will have a head of gorgeous curls to wear. SamsBeauty.com has several straight hair wigs to choose from, including the option above!


The Crotchet Hairstyle Without The Crotchet Wig

Crotchet hairstyles are all the rage in the black hair community. They are revolutionary because not only does it significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to normally do box braids, faux locs, or Senegalese twists, but it makes a lot easier also. Now, as long as you can cornrow, you can quite simply achieve one of these hairstyles because the twists, braids, or locs are already done and nicely packaged for you!

But, what about the ladies that want a crotchet style but cannot cornrow? Or the ladies that do not have the time to cornrow their own hair and then take the few hours it takes to install the faux hair? Or the ladies that do not want to pay someone to do the style for them? Well, there’s another option! Now, you can get a crotchet hairstyle in a wig form. Whether it be box braids, twists, or even a twist out, you can purchase a wig that you can just throw on without the hassle of doing the style yourself, or paying a bunch of money to get a professional to do the style.

These two options (option one and option two) from SamsBeauty.com are great examples of crotchet styles in a wig form that you can wear during protective style season. They look cool and are right on trend.

In closing, Happy Protective Style Season to you all! Give wigs a try this fall/winter season and give your natural hair a break! Also, you never know what a sassy wig can do for you! It can build your confidence, make you feel sexy, or make you try something new! Get a wig in a hair color you’ve always wanted to try, or in a style that is completely different from your real hair. Let’s spice it up this year, ladies!

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