Zendaya Serving Hard for Mane Addicts

We’re so in love with this feature of Zendaya for Mane Addicts. Zendaya has blossomed into an amazing young women with a distinct point of view, amazing fashion sense and more importantly a voice. This photo shoot was inspired but her latest music video “Replay” where Zendaya takes inspiration from many artists including Janet Jackson and Erykah Badu.

I love people who take risks and do their own thing, like Erykah Badu because she is effortlessly amazing, or Janet Jackson for sure. I think we all want to channel our inner Janet.

The photo shoot and article also discusses Zendaya’s collaboration with Larry Sims her hairstylist. In this shoot she channels Grace Jones, Cher and Diana Ross – all of whom have distinct styles and express themselves via their hair.

I’ve taken fashion risks since I was really young. I’ve always been into dressing different and doing different things.

We can’t wait to see this young lady grow and express herself over the next few years. She encourages all young ladies to experiment with their look and style – that’s what your youth is for! Read the full article via ManeAddicts.com.

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