5 Tips To Keep Curls Damage Free In Cooler Climates

Pull out the scarves and knee high boots…… Winter is here! For us naturals, that means blow out season for some, and protective styling for others. For both, our hair is more prone to damage during the fall and winter months. Why? Well, let’s discuss.

Less precautions are taken to protect hair in the winter. Let’s face it. We all get a little lazy during the winter months. We are less active, we eat more, and we take less care of our hair. This is easy to do because we’re wearing hats, and throwing our hair in lazy ponytails. Try considering these five tips to prevent damage to your hair during cooler months…

Try Avoiding These Fabrics

Polyester – This fabric can cause extreme damage to the hair. When hair is worn down or in a ponytail, the ends are susceptible to being damaged from the collar of a coat or jacket made from this fabric. Friction between polyester and the hair generates electrostatic charges which are suggested to create an ‘electrostatic field’ that seems to be responsible for inhibited hair growth (Source).

Cotton – We all know the damage that cotton pillow cases cause on our edges and the ends or of our hair, but the cotton fabric in our clothes can cause just as much damage. The friction from cotton on hair can cause hair breakage and split ends. Be sure to wear you hair up and away from cotton tops and shirts.

Be Aware Of The Climate Change
Depending on where you live, sun exposure combined with a blustery winter wind as well as snow, rain, and icy cold can all come together to create some pretty bad hair days. These elements can cause snarls in the hair, and make hair strands brittle and dry. The good news? These issues can avoided by following these next 3 simple tips:

Moisture Is Key

This is critical. Water, in my opinion, is the best moisturizer for your curls. Yes, I know what you are saying “Ashley, I am not going outside with a wet head!”. I would suggest that you apply a little water to your ends, before sealing, nightly, or at least prior to styling for the week. This way, the hair will be dry by morning. You can also lightly mist your hair daily with a spray bottle. That way your hair isn’t soaking wet when you leave to start your day.

Seal In That Moisture

Sealing your hair with the right oils is vital in protecting your hair. This will help your hair retain moisture and decrease the chances of split ends, fairy knots and breakage. Check out this article more information about sealing.

Finding a product that contains essential fatty acids and humectants is great for cooler weather, because they help attract and hold moisture in the hair. Soy protein and panthenol are must-haves to control winter hair.

Curls Understood recommends using Nealy Naturals’ Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Oil Treatment which contains Tea Tree (an essential oil), Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin E.


Protect Those Ends

Protective styling protects the ends from the elements, manipulation, and fabrics. When done regularly, your hair will thrive during the winter months! Of course if you have any questions or comments let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

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