Out With the Old In With the New: Organize Your Products!

when to throw out hair products

After much soul searching, I’ve come to the realization that I have way more products than are truly necessary to maintain my curly hair. I was folding laundry and while my back was turned, my son opened up my product drawer and pulled everything out. When I turned around he was the central point of an ocean of products. Looking at everything sprawled out just made me mad. Mad that my product drawer was so low he was able to get to it, mad that I didn’t hear him going through it and most of all mad that my product stash had gotten so out of hand! So how does one know when to throw out hair products?

Throughout the year my best friend and I purge our clothes, shoes and beauty products. However, the product junkie in me always refuses to purge my natural hair products. I just accumulate more and more and more. I am almost certain there is a psychological aspect to this mild hoarding. It gives me comfort to know that I can reach for at least 10 different butters, ranging from the sweetest tropical scent to the most decadent cake scent. But the question is… Do reach for any of them? The answer is NO! I have my staples so there is really no need for excess.

These products are just taking up space and slowy but surely becoming my sons new-aged blocks. It shouldn’t be this difficult to get rid of my butters, shampoo bars, leave-ins etc. when I haven’t used them in months!

Now I challenge you to look at your own stash. I know I am not on my own! Are there items you know don’t work for your hair but you refuse to let go? How long has that coconut oil been sitting there? And when is the last time you cracked open that co-wash?

Let’s let those things go. Use it, gift it or chuck it! Here are a few questions to ask yourself when going through your products and eliminating excess:

How often do I use this? – If you haven’t used it in 3 months you don’t need it.
Does this work for my hair type? – Try mixing it with water or a natural oil. If it still doesn’t work then throw it out.
Do any of these products serve a dual purpose? – Keep these, killing two birds with one stone is always a benefit.
How much actual product is left? – If you can only make one twist with it, either use it on that one twist or throw it away.
Can I use this on my son/daughter’s hair? – If you have children make sure the product is suitable for their tender scalps and hair.
Am I holding on to these for sentimental reasons? – Really tho? Let that ish go!

Celebrity natural hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood also suggests…

Write on a calendar when you first used a product because sometimes we’ll have a product on our shelves and it’s really old and no good anymore. Most of the time if you’ve opened a product and you’ve had it for over a year you should throw it away.

With all of that being said, I think we can all downsize. Let’s either get rid, gift or vow not to purchase more products until we have used what we have. I will personally be downsizing my product stash for a few gifts for my friends and even some giveaways.

We can do this guys! Have a wonderful, clutter free rest of the year!

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