Tips for Making Wash Day Easy and Cry-Free

wash day routine for natural hair kids

Growing up in a household where braids and beads were the standard for little girls, I quickly began to associate beauty with pain. When my niece was born, I was determined to change this perception of beauty for her. I took the time to make wash day a fun, learning experience, which not only taught her to tenderly care for her hair, it stressed the importance of nurturing our inner beauty, with patience and a little pampering.


DONT comb hair while dry. DO soften tresses by applying conditioner to dry hair.

Combing or brushing hair while dry can be disastrous. It increases the chance of cuticle damage and hair breakage, not to mention the mere sound of a comb running through dry hair can be scary for any child. Apply conditioner to the hair shaft from roots to ends. Once the hair is saturated, the comb will easily glide through the hair. Bonus: Conditioning before shampooing can prevent breakage, add moisture and fortify hair.


DONT rely solely on wide tooth combs, to properly detangle hair. DO detangle hair by combing from ends to roots.

Yes, wide tooth combs make it much easier to detangle and style hair. And yes, your child will survive if you forget to comb their hair from ends to roots. But, it’s a two-way street. By combing hair from ends to roots, you reduce the amount of damage and breakage to your child’s strands. When you take tender care to minimize the stress and damage to baby’s hair, he/she learns to treat their tresses with respect, and that amounts to more smiles for everyone.


DONT use your hair products on your child’s hair. DO invest in quality, tear-free shampoo, conditioner and detangling products for kids.

Children love to do things all by themselves or have possessions and routines that they can call their own. When you invest in products designed for your little one, you recognize that their hair has different needs than your own. It has yet to be exposed to heat-damage, over-processing or color treatments and deserves a product line that reflects its purity. Be careful of labels claiming to be tear-free. The last I checked, California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash was a bit pricey, but a small price to pay to avoid scorching red eyeballs! You can also try diluting tear-free formulas with water.


DONT lean over face first into the wash area. DO recreate a salon shampoo bowl, by laying backward in the stream of water.

Close your eyes and imagine how you feel during a salon visit. You’re relaxed, comfortable and feel pampered. Recreate the same environment by washing baby’s hair in the shower, or having baby lie backwards on the counter, with their head in the sink. Focus on one area at a time when rinsing out shampoo and conditioner. In the shower, use a shampoo rinse cup. In the sink, use a spray nozzle, to cleanse hair of each product.

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