Valentine’s Day Date Hairstyles

valentines day date night hairstyles

Valentine’s day is a spirited holiday, whether you’re bae’d up or boo’d out, you want to look amazing no matter who’s getting your affection. Regardless of who you’re spreading the love with, stressing out over how to style those tresses is a no-no. The last thing anyone ever wants to do is look busted on that special day, especially when there’s opportunity to catch the attention of the guy you’ve been playing googly eyes with — or you may get that last minute call to an event.

In order to avoid looking blue on V-day, you need to prep those tresses for any occasion. Every year on valentine’s day, I scramble last minute to find an outfit, on top of what to do with my hair. Roses are red, violets are blue, and here are a few hair styles just for you.


Pony Puff is a go-to look for myself, and is super easy to pull off no matter if your at the TWA stage, or long hair don’t care. It can appear too laid back, so spice up your pony puff by pulling all of your hair forward, closer to your forehead, in order to create volume and an illusion of elegance. You may need an elastic band, banana clip, and a few bobbi pins. If you want to create some texture to the look, you can add a few

Twisted Sister: Two strand twists can be worn in a variety of ways. Sometimes just wearing your twists can be played out. The best way to add style to your normal twist out is by adding accessories. If you want to play more with your own twist, then wear it half up & half down.

Or create a bang with those twisted strands. If you’re feeling fun, create volume by mixing up the size of your two strand twist and pin the back half up, or use your bobbi pins to create a twisted faux hawk.

Afro Of Love: The afro is top notch in my catalogue of go to styles. Of course everyone loves the perfect twist out, but to rock a fully blown out afro means that you can handle the attention. If you want to subtly turn heads, part your hair into 4-6 sections and create a few chunky twist.

After it air drys, use your Denman brush or wide tooth comb to blow it out and stretch the hair. Don’t forget the L.O.C. method to keep that hair looking far from dehydrated, and primp until you feel you’ve created enough volume.

Late Night Buns: I rarely rock high or low buns, unless i’m headed to a job interview. Who says buns have to be lack luster, or strictly for the house? Show your wild side and part your hair in two sections either horizontally or vertically.

You can do two neat high buns to mimic traditional pig tail buns. If you want to create a intricate version, try mini buns aka bantu knots. Don’t forget to work those buns with confidence.

Goddess Braid: A Goddess braid is perfect for a elegant look that still has some flare. You can achieve the look with your own natural hair, or a braided pony extension. You will needs a few bobbi pins, and clips to keep your hair sections separate while flat twisting or braiding the hair down.

I like two start my part and flat twist towards the back of my hair so the thickness of the braid can be positioned in the front. Adding a flower will give you that extra special valentine’s day glow.

If you try out any of the suggested styles, remember to tag #CurlsUnderstood and #Afrovocative. These five styles happen to be my favorite; enticing, fun, sophisticated and flirty enough for any occasion on valentines day.

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