The Great Debate: Two Strand Twists Vs. Flat Twists

As a Kinky textured natural, my hairstyles or any irregular manipulation to the hair, never last for more than two or three days before my hair reverts back to its normal pattern. Therefor, I like to look for styles that will produce the best results. I consider the time and effort it takes to complete the styles, as well has how long they will last. It’s a bonus too if the style requires less product.

So in my video above I compare the two strand twist vs flat twist. For both sets of twists I used the same products and styling tools. The products and tools I used included:

• Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner
• Hair Clips
• Water
• Detangling Comb

To achieve both looks I deep conditioned my hair using the Shea Moisture conditioner and set my hair under the dryer for around 10 minutes, using a very low heat setting. Then I washed my hair and parted my wet hair into several section. I used hair clips to hold each section of my hair together.

For the Two Strand Twist I used the same Shea Moisture conditioner and started from the back and worked my way up to the top. For the Flat Twist Out I started on the left side of my head and worked my way over to the right side. Along the way I spritzed water as needed because it was getting a little dry.

As you can see in the video, in the time it took for me to achieve half of the flat twist I was still working on just the back of my head on the two strand twists. It took me around one to two hours to complete the two strand twist out while the flat twists took only 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

After completing both of the styles I found that both produce almost identical results however, the two strand twists last for about three to four days and used more product, while the flat twists lasted about two days in my hair. The two strand twists win ever time!

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