Two Strand Twists On Wavy Hair

Long ago, before my comprehension of hair care and protective styling was as… well, developed, I would carefully spend my Saturdays globbing on gel (nice, alcohol-laden, drying gel) and patiently twist my strands together, desperately hoping to recreate the look of fake locs. This would last for a couple days, until I got bored and untwisted them. Then I would revel in the new ‘length’ that my hair had achieved, and marvel at how comparatively flat it was. I felt like I had beachy waves, and people at school (where my hair was, perhaps, the curliest hair) would be astonished at the changes I could create seemingly overnight!

Now, I realize that two strand twists can be an excellent protective styles. And, you know, I realize that I should be using far better products on my hair to give it the conditioning love that it needs and deserves. Because I have a looser curl pattern, my twists typically only stay in for a couple days before I take them down. I also have finer strands, so I need to be sure not to overload on the product.

I create this style every few months just to switch it up and have some fun with the even looser curl pattern. It gives the effect of effortless, beachy waves, which is a fun option for summer. I use Giovanni Weightless Moisture Leave-In Conditioner with Eco Styler Gel, and it works really well! Who knew that what was once something done purely for vanity’s sake could actually turn out good?

I had’t revisited this style in years. After trying a flat twist style, I decided that it was time to give two strand twists another go. I left them in just for one day, did a little self trimming on my crispy ends, and then let them flow loosely. Below is my quick how-to and photos from high school when I did them without knowing what the heck I was doing, and the others are from last year.

Two Strand Twist On Wavy Hair How-To:

• Simply divide your hair into sections (the size of each sectionis your choice).
• Add some alcohol-free gel (or other cream styling agent), and twist your hair together until you reach the roots.
• Continue until you’ve done your whole head.
• Feel free to leave the twists in for as long as you would like.
• Unravel and let your curls flow!

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  • Truth teller says:

    Your hair is too thin for two strand twist. This is for women with higher density. Your hair is quite pretty but you should stick with a style that best compliments your hair type.

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