4 Travel Hacks for Natural Hair: Making It Work Anywhere!

travel hacks for natural hair

So you’re finally taking that trip that you always wanted. The clothes are packed, your flight is booked and you’re all set to go… except for the fact that you have NO idea what to bring for your natural hair.

You don’t want to bring all your products in your luggage (because there’s a big chance they’re going to confiscate those bigger bottles) and you don’t want to bring just any product, you want to bring product that gives you the best hair without taking time away from your travels.

Don’t panic, we’ve got the basic rundown of what you’ll need to bring during your travels so you don’t have to fret wondering how to keep your hair on point!

What styles are you going for? What look are you trying to go for? A protective style? Updo? Twist out? Plan out the styles you’re planning on rocking during your trip and go from there. The best tip to packing light when it comes to natural hair products is to keep the styles you’re going for simple.

Natural Hair Hack 1

Bring your products in smaller travel sized bottles. This way, they don’t get taken by TSA and you have just enough for your trip.

Make sure you keep your looks simple; focus on twist outs, letting your loose and having a fro or if you have time, getting a protective style done.

Natural Hair Hack 2

Bring a great conditioner! A great leave-in conditioner is always a great travel companion for your natural hair because it’s quick, easy and depending on which type of leave in conditioner used, its great for fixing up your look for the day or night. Don’t forget a small amount of your shampoo and any curl definition product; these are also essential for creating phenomenal looks and keeping them that way.

Once decided on your hairstyles, focus more on the basics. What tools are you using for your hair? Think about the tools needed for your hair on a day-to-day basis and bring your best tools that are quick and easy to use.

Natural Hair Hack 3

Don’t forget to pack your wide toothcomb, a bristle brush and a satin hair cap. The best way to hold these tools without taking up too much space is to buy a jewelry holder; one that has a hook on it. These cases can hold not just jewelry but any hair tools you have. The great thing about it is that with the hook it can hang from any door, so it doesn’t take up space in your luggage and in your hotel room.

Finally, one can never forget to pack essential oils either. With essential oils, you’re not only able to keep up with your amazing hairstyles, but give your hair a little TLC. Don’t skimp out on giving your hair some quick love while on vacation and bring a few essential oils with you that will make your hair shine and stand out.

Natural Hair Hack 4

Buy small stylist bottles with the nozzles and long necks as well as stoppers or tops on them; this way, you can evenly distribute your oils through your hair without worrying about spillage. Try and bring your more important oils; ones that you know will do the most good in such a short time for your hair.

Whether a small trip or a long vacation, travelling can be difficult for some. However, travelling doesn’t have to be so hard on our hair. Take these tips and use your best judgment to bring along your favorite products and tools so you can continue to have selfie-worthy hair long after you’ve left the house.

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