Tracee Gets Coveteur’d

tracee ellis ross the coveteur

One of our favorite naturals Tracee Ellis Ross has been Coverteur’d by the inspirational site The Coveteur. The site takes a sneak peak into the closets of stylists, designers and other fashion tastemakers. Head over there pronto to read the full article and see Tracee’s fabulous closet but here’s a snippet…

I was spoiled when I worked in the magazine world. Fashion closets are heaven and I seem to model my organization after a fashion closet. Open any of my drawers and you will think you are in a store.

Her closet is to die for but any Girlfriends fan will tell you this is nothing less than what we’d expect. Joan exuded an effortless elegance that was so admired by many the world over. Even though Girlfriends is gone Tracee keeps inspiring us with her eclectic everyday and red carpet style. It’s such a treat to get a sneak peek into her personal closet!

*Photos and article preview from The Coveteur

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