7 Tips For Your Trip To The Barber

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Whether you’re tired of longer hair or simply inspired and ready for a change, the cut life is for everyone! From gentle tapered cuts to bold fades, there’s a cut out there for every Natural.

Most of us are used to salons and not necessarily a barber shop experience. If you’re anything like me, you know the struggle of telling a barber one thing and getting a completely different result. One trip to the barbershop ended with a cut that completely wiped out my baby hairs! I loved my baby hairs! It was a tragedy!

After many mishaps, I’ve come up with a foolproof way of making absolutely certain that you get what you want from your barber.

Hair Prep

If your hair is on the dirty side, its a good idea to wash it before your visit. It’s just common courtesy. If you’re looking to get a shape up or taper, it’s best to stretch your hair prior to your visit to ensure a super precise cut. I prefer showing up to the barber with clean stretched hair to avoid having my hair picked out. (Unstretched, not detangled hair versus a pik? No, thank you!)


This is an obvious one. Once you find a good barber, stick with that barber. That’ll make it a lot easier and you’ll both be comfortable with your “usual” style.


I’d advise against going to the barber shop near lunchtime or closing. I try to go as early as possible to avoid long wait times and make sure that the barber isn’t rushing through my cut.


Find an image of the cut you want and save it to your phone. A simple explanation isn’t enough, you really need to have an image to avoid any confusion.

Speak Up!

This is especially for younger naturals like myself who can sometimes feel like we can’t speak up to the older folks. You can’t sit still and let someone give you a style you don’t like. You are paying for a service and deserve to get your money’s worth. Be firm with your desires and get what you want.

Stay Alert!

When you go to the barber or hair salon, don’t get caught up in a grand conversation and forget the focus is you and your hair. I’ve heard horror stories of naturals getting perms put into their hair when they weren’t paying attention. Be prepared to stop the stylist at any time. Additionally, if you smell something weird, stop the process! Shampoo and conditioner do not smell like strong chemicals.

Slay Huntay!

No matter what you can always find a way to rock your cut. Be proud and confident! It’s hair and it will grow back. I’d love to see your cuts, hashtag #KinkandCurl so I can see your styles!

Keep rocking it ladies!

Photo Credit: No Grease! barbershop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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  • I really like the tip to find a barber you like and stick with that barber. I feel like there’s a lot to be said for familiarity, and when you know the person who’s cutting you’re hair, it seems like it would make you a little more comfortable. Thanks for sharing!

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