Three Strand Twists On Fine Hair

So when it comes to hairstyles, I love trying new styles and styling techniques. But there was one popular style that I was having difficulty achieving. For as long as I can remember, I was never able to connect with the “2 strand twist out” style that many naturals swear by.

I have fine, moderately dense hair and as a result, it doesn’t hold the twists as well as those with thicker strands. So one day (about a year ago) I tried the 3 strand twist and let me tell you it’s been a wonderful love affair ever since!

The 3 strand twist is somewhere between a braid and a 2 strand twist. Compared to the 2 strand twist, it gives much better definition and lasts longer (atleast that was my experience). It’s hard to do at first, but with a little practice and a basic understanding of the technique, you’ll have it down in no time!

I created a ‘How To’ video where I demonstrate exactly how to create a 3 strand twist! It’s one of the easiest videos to follow and the visuals makes it a lot easier to demonstrate than to explain through words. I hope this is of great use to someone out there!

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