Thinning Hair: Causes & Remedies

thinning hair causes and remedies

Normal hair loss is about 50 to 100 strands per day, but are you noticing more shedding than normal? Getting clumps of hair in your comb? Or finding small balding patches? Thinning hair happens to many people for numerous reasons. Things such as tight hair styles, stress, age, diet, pregnancy and medical issues can play a huge part of why your hair is thinning. Here are a few causes, along with remedies, that can be helpful.

Tight Hair Styles

Protective styles are a great way to give your hair a break from every day styling. However styles like braids, weaves, ponytails and buns and can be stressful on your hair. Over time this can causing breakage and thinning especially around your edges. Try limiting these styles and be careful not to pull too tight when braiding. Massaging your scalp regularly with Castor oil can help stimulate hair growth. The oil coats your hair and protects from hair loss.


Not only is an unhealthy diet bad on your body, it’s bad for your hair and can bring on hair loss. Hair is about 90% protein therefore with a lack of protein and iron you’re unable to replace the hairs that you shed naturally. A diet rich in protein and iron is key. We all know meat and eggs are a good source of protein, but protein is also found in things like tofu and beans. A great source of iron can be found in claims and oysters.


There are many side effects of getting older and unfortunately for some women thinning hair is one of them. As you age your hair changes, strands become finer and hair loses some of its elasticity especially after 40. A few changes in your regimen can help cut down on thinning. Try air drying instead of using a blow dryer, using protein rich products can also help. Things like biotin are great for promoting healthy hair growth as well.


Most women experience fuller thicker hair during pregnancy which is great, the down side to this is that it doesn’t last for long. At the end of the pregnancy you will notice lots of shedding and thinning and here’s why. About 90% of your hair is growing at the same time, and the rest is in a “resting stage”.

Every few month the resting hair falls out and new hair grows. When pregnant your hair stays in the resting stage which makes your hair feel fuller and thicker. After the pregnancy the hair is no longer resting and begins to shed as it normally would. Try not to worry too much since this hair loss is temporary and your hair should return to normal within 6 to 12 months. In the meantime avoid any aggressive styling so you’re not adding to the problem.


A traumatic event can cause havoc on your hair. Something such as loss of a job, divorce or the death of a loved one can play a huge factor in hair loss. Make sure you’re addressing the issue directly and taking the necessary steps to cut down on stress. Normally once your stress levels are reduced your hair will go back to normal.

Medical Issues

There are several serious medical conditions and medications that can cause hair thinning. If you are suffering from a serious medical condition consult with your physician to determine a solution and special treatment.

Thinning hair isn’t the end of the world and hopefully you find these tips helpful and begin to notice a difference in your hair. You can also try using products that will add volume and moisture to your hair as it recovers.

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