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Aileen is a twenty-something native New Yorker and an ex-model (maybe you’ve seen her in Teen Vogue or W magazine). She’s since transitioned into the fun world of creative advertising and social media which explains why her personal fashion and beauty blog “The Style Boro” is so on point. The Style Boro focuses on Aileen’s personal style while exploring NYC’s culture and hidden gems. We caught up with her to learn some hair, beauty and style secrets…

1. What inspired you to start your site

The Style Boro has definitely evolved from my early days of journaling and livejournal (remember that?). I’ve been blogging since October 2008 and over the years I’ve documented so many things – some very embarrassing – before ending up where I am now. The name of my blog was even changed to reflect the person I am now and my interests. So in a way, wanting to document my life is what inspired my blog.

2. How would you describe your style in 5 words?

Must be effortless and fun.

3. What are your Spring/Summer beauty essentials this year?

Lots of sunblock and leave in conditioner. Oh, and NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Priscilla.

4. Where are your favorite places to shop for clothes?

All of the internet. My constant go-tos are,, and (it’s like the Google of shopping).

5. What three hair products could you not live without?

Conditioner, conditioner, and conditioner. I’m into not using a lot of product and prefer to leave in conditioner and go – it always gives me the best curl. Right now I’m obsessed with WEN.


6. Who’s behind the camera taking all those wonderful photos of you?

Lydia Hudgens takes nearly all my photographs and she’s amazing! But when she’s too busy snapping other NYC bloggers my boyfriend will step in.

7. For many naturals it’s a journey to fully understand their hair. It’s a process of trial and error. What was your “Curls Understood™” moment? (The moment when you were like, “I’ve go this!”)

After washing my hair one day I started to style my hair. To my shock ALL of my styling products were donzo! My stomach and heart dropped. Girl – this was a humid hot day in the city and looking crazed was not going to fly (like ever).

So, I did the next best thing – left a good squirt of conditioner on head and started to work it through every curl.

At this point, gel and mousse were the holy grail for their holding power so I said my prayers and went out the door. To my surprise, those curls ended up being the best curls I’ve ever felt: softly defined, not crunchy or sticky. Ever since, I’ve been pretty lax about using product.

Instead, I question why I haven’t done it sooner – could’ve saved so much money on product. That had to be my Curls Understood™ moment for sure.

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