The Fluffy Twist Out

fluffy twist out

The fluffy twist out seems so easy when you know how but for those of us less seasoned on this journey to natural hair redemption the style can seem ever elusive. Questions like, “why doesn’t my hair have volume like Nikki Mae’s?” or  “why isn’t my hair defined after 17 hours of twisting?!” plague our thoughts as we stand in front of the mirror staring disapprovingly at yet another failed attempt. Stay strong. Practice really does make perfect.

In the meantime, we suggest finding a safety style for days when hair failure is looming. Also stalk the creators of the tutorials below by 6 inspirational naturals. They’ve learned how to master the fluffy twist out for THEIR hair. Here’s some simple things we wish we’d known way back when:

1.  As annoying as it is, thoroughly detangling each section of hair before twisting is key. Tangled twists do not a successful twist out make.
2.  The thicker the twists the more volume the twist out will have. This is true for any density or texture. We also love thicker twists because it means less time twisting! Unfortunately, if your hair is on the shorter side it will be harder to stop thicker twists from unravelling.
3.  Twist your hair when it’s wet (or even damp) to achieve a more curl-defined twist out. As the day/week goes on the hairstyle will be bigger and fluffier but hopefully you’ll maintain some definition.
4.  Lastly, please let your hair dry fully before unravelling the twists. This will ensure the curls formed by the twists are set in place.

Also, check out the kid’s edition of the style by the adorable Riley!





*Photos from  DFinney PhotographySimply Cyn, Le CoilNeffyFroFro and Pinterest.

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