The Coiffure Project

By now I’m sure you’ve seen Glenford Nunez’s beautiful photos across the web and social media. The Baltimore based photographer and founder of the company TYP Photography Studios (TYP = Trust Your Photographer) started taking photos of his natural-haired assistant on his cell phone. That was the beginning of The Coiffure Project – a portfolio of beautiful black and white photos that combine fashion, art and style. Though the project has been featured in publications such as The Washington Post, The Huffington Post and BET, Glenford had no idea it would garner so much attention.

Glenford tells the Huffington Post of his self-published book:

I had no idea until I started putting the photos together. People have thanked me for what I’m doing for natural hair and black women, but I genuinely had no idea.

The book contains 100 pages of women and children of all skin tones embracing their God-given hair. The messages is clear: natural hair = natural beauty. For that alone we love this book. Add to the fact that the photography is first-class and you have on your hands the ultimate coffee table candy.

Check out this interview with Glenford on Curls TV. And you can purchase the soft cover copy of the book on Amazon. If you’re more of a baller the hardcover copy is available at for a mere $125. It’s definitely coffee table worthy.

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