The Benefits of Using Garlic On Curly Hair

garlic and natural hair

Have you ever thought about using garlic in your hair? I can almost hear the collective “hell no!” That’s the exact response I made too. The thought of using such an herb in my hair, the thought of how awful my hair would smell, and why would I waste such a great ingredient in my hair when I could use it to season my hair were all reasons that crossed my mind. Well I did some research and found some interesting reasons why you should consider uttering garlic and natural hair in the same sentence.

Garlic has many beneficial properties that are great for your overall health. It helps to treat acne because of its properties such as allicin and sulfenic acid. These are both great in helping to treat acne scars and any skin diseases you may encounter, they also help elleviate any allergies you are suffering from.

Garlic is also known to help fight flu and cold symptoms and is great in lowering your blood pressure and helps prevent hair loss. Garlic has a high content of sulfur that contains keratin. Our hair protein is made up of keratin and so using garlic on our hair greatly helps to stimulate hair grow.

If this herb is great for your well-being then it must be great for your hair. It’s best to apply the garlic to the areas where you are suffering hair loss. Remember that patience is a virtue, so do not expect this herb to work its magic overnight, but with consistent usage in the affected areas, you will see some results. Have I managed to persuade you yet? If so, see these tips below.

Here Are The Elements Found In Garlic:

• Sulfur
• Copper
• Vitamin C
• Selenium
• Minerals

How To Use Garlic In Your Hair To Help Promote Growth

Step One

Garlic can be used in your existing hair products by juicing the garlic first and adding it into your shampoo and conditioner. If you find that the odour is overwhelming then just add ginger to the mixture and then add the mixture to your shampoo and conditioner. If you add the mixture to your conditioner, when mixing do so to form a paste, this will help with shedding. Apply the mixture to your hair, allow it to settle with a plastic cap for a couple of minutes, then rinse!

Step Two

You can also add garlic juice to your oils. Add the juice to whatever oil you prefer. You can warm the oil if you prefer and then add the garlic mixture to your scalp. Leave this in your hair for a couple of minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual.

Step Three

You can add garlic juice directly to your hair. Just massage the juice into your scalp and allow the mixture to rest for a couple of minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual. This will stimulate your scalp and encourage that growth we mentioned.

If I haven’t managed to persuade you yet, then a least try one of these methods and see what results you get. They say nothing ventured, nothing gained!!

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