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If curls could talk they’d probably ask our Concrete Curls feature Sunita V what her hair routine is! Sunita’s glorious mane is the stuff of dreams (that and her Indian and Black/Puerto Rican heritage). Paired with her effortless style, it’s no wonder she turns heads and gets called “Diana Ross” on a daily basis. We wanted to get the scoop on Sunita V’s hair regimen, style secrets and inspiration for her starting her blog…

What inspired you to start your site
I wanted to capture my NYC moments and what was going to be a blog about NYC turned into my fashion and hair blog.

How would you describe your style in 5 words?
Versatile, fun, comfortable, colorful, colorful.

Where are your favorite places to shop?
I used to be really into thrifting and still am but now I do a lot of online shopping like ASOS, Sheinside, H&M, Zara, I also like shopping at new and upcoming online boutiques!

Who takes all those wonderful photos of you?
My wonderful man Vladimir and my good friend Christina who has a thrifting blog here in NYC, you can find it at

Why did you go natural (assuming you haven’t always been natural)? How long have you been natural?

I went natural a couple years after moving to NYC. After seeing so many people embracing their natural beauty I was inspired to do the same. I’ve been natural for almost two years.

Can you summarize your current hair regimen?

I co-wash everyday and do wash and go’s, every now and then I’ll apply a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer and I try to deep conditioner twice a month. I very rarely shampoo my hair. It depends On how much build up I have. I shampoo maybe 3 times a month.

What are your staple hair products?

I love Bee Mine products! Their deep conditioner is my fav! I also love the luscious moisturizer and hair milk. You can use code SUNITAV for 10% off your purchase. I also like Pantene Curl Perfection, Aphogee, Suave, Kinky Curls etc…

What are your favorite hairstyles?

I usually wear it down or in a top bun. Recently my mom braided my hair and that’s how I would wear my hair every summer growing up and it felt and looked so good!

What was the last compliment you received about your hair?!

‘I love your hair!’ I get those everyday. And people shout ‘Diana Ross!’ to me all the time and I love it :)

For many naturals it’s a journey to fully understand their hair. It’s a process of trial and error. What was your “Curls Understood™” moment (the moment you felt like, “I’ve got this!” or any essential advice you wish you had known at the beginning of your hair journey)?

I’m glad I didn’t do a big chop in the beginning. My fried pieces of hair from heat damage looked really bad but I didn’t want to lose length and now you can’t even see the damage anymore. Also, just in general less is more, I don’t fuss over my hair or over work it with too many products. Just let it be! And don’t be afraid of frizz :p

See more of Sunita…

Instagram: @sunitav_
YouTube: Sunita V

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