The Super Laid Back Summer Wash & Go

summer wash and go

As much as we all love warmer weather, we have to make sure our luscious locs are moisturized and protected from drying out in the heat.

I know you’re probably thinking, “How can I keep my hair quenched and soft in a wash and go, without spending countless hours doing it?” Well, I have just the wash and go routine you need so that you’re not spending most of your summer worrying about your hair. 

The first step is detangling your hair the night before you plan to wash your hair. Detangling your hair before wash day helps to decrease the time you spend in the shower and the amount of hair clogging your shower drain.

When I detangle my hair, I use my Trader Joe’s Unrefined Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil in small sections and twist each section once it’s detangled. This keeps my hair healthy, tangle-free, and also helps it retain moisture.

The next day I’m ready to wash. I undo my twists and wet my hair in the shower and section off my hair into six to eight sections. Sectioning your hair will help you to focus on each strand of hair and ensure that product is distributed evenly. I massage As I Am Coconut CoWash into my roots and rinse it out with lukewarm to cold water.

After you’ve rinsed out the cowash, apply a conditioner. I section my hair again and apply the OGX Quenching Sea Mineral Moisture Conditioner, it’s a Holy Grail for me.

According to the bottle, it “quenches dry, damaged hair with this nutrient rich blend of hydrating sea minerals along with healing green algae to wrap split ends in repairing moisture, while supercharged sea kelp transforms dry, brittle hair into soft supple perfection.” In my humble opinion the bottle doesn’t lie!

…the wash and go routine you need so that you’re not spending most of your summer worrying about your hair.

Once every hair strand is covered and detangled in this creamy gold sent from heaven, I decide to do a mini concert in the shower. Oh, and I wash my body too. After wooing the not-so-present crowd, I rinse all of the conditioner out with lukewarm to cold water, and immediately apply a dime size of my water-based leave-in conditioner, which is Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In Conditioner. I do this in sections as well.

Next, I use either Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Curl Activator and let my hair air-dry. Both products give me great results and leave my hair soft, defined, moisturized, and full of body.

Once my hair is dry, I use my pick to lift my roots to make my hair even bigger because the bigger the hair, the closer you are to God.

Voila! You’ve completed your super laid back wash and go just in time for you to spend your day having fun in the sun. Your summer adventures await!


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