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Recently I have a new profound love for Spectrum Organic Sunflower Oil. I used to hate sunflower oil because of how it would always weigh my hair down when it was straight. It would sometimes make it sticky. But those were in my relaxed days. (Thank god that’s over.)

Just like in Jane Carter’s hair care line, sunflower wild is in fact an ingredient and that DID NOT work in favor for my hair. But now I’m back to using sunflower oil, and I love it!


I studied hair a lot, all types and because my hair is my hair I know how it acts in season changes and I needed an oil that was heavy but light and would nourish my curls like a castor oil just a tad bit lighter.

I was in the grocery store this little light shined upon the bottle of sunflower oil and I heard a voice “Attention target customers, we will be closing in 10 minutes please bring your shopping items blah blah blah…” so I grabbed it and left, had no time to look up anything. I went home and experimented with it a little and I was right. I have 3b/3c curly hair and for me there isn’t any cons.

After the first use I was impressed. It’s not a heavy/thick oil like castor oil it’s a tad bit lighter (like I wanted). I definitely felt the moisturizing aspect of this oil. I love me some grapeseed oil and this actually tops grapeseed oil in my book.

It kept my hair moisturized for a full 3 days which no oil does. I usually just do oil first then leave in or a curl cream because for me I don’t have to use both.


• Rich in vitamins like A, B, C & E.
• Rich in Iron, Potassium & Calcium
• Contains Omega 9 which stimulate natural hair growth, also prevents brittle hair loss.
• Protection from UV lights
• Good hair conditioner for smoother, stronger, healthier, shinier hair.
• Moisturizes dry scalp and keep your hair soft
• Contains Antioxidants properties

So after I read the benefits of this oil it made me so happy! I definitely give this oil a 20! That’s how much I love it honestly.


Spectrum® High Heat Refined Organic Sunflower Oil, providing monounsaturated fats, is a golden oil that is excellent for high-temperature cooking and baking.

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