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Sleep is a priority and the recommended number of hours of sleep according to The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute are 7 to 9 hours per night. So with that said, there are 365 days a year and you multiply that by 9 hours your essentially investing 3,285 plus hours or 197,100 minutes or 11,826,000 seconds asleep. That’s plenty of opportunity for your hair and skin to be messed up in your sleep.

So what’s curly gal to do to protect our blow outs, twist outs, coils, and waves? We may do the pineapple or get our wrap on but there are alternatives like investing in a satin pillowcase for natural hair.

For me buying a bonnet or wrapping my hair with a scarf was not sufficient. I know how much I toss and turn while I sleep. I’d wake up to a messy afro, half of my hair curled back up, or my blow out blown straight up. I already knew my bonnet was deep down at the end of the bed, lost in the abyss of my sheets!

So with all that said take it from me, you need to invest and get a satin pillowcase like The Satin Pillowcase By N Squared Salon.

Well let’s dive into the benefits of pillows and pillow cases:

Satin pillows are good at keeping your hair healthy because they don’t suck out all of the natural moisture in your hair. Traditional cotton pillowcases strip the moisture from your hair making it dry, brittle, dried out, and breakable. I love how The Satin Pillowcase By N Squared Salon helped my hair retain so much moisture at night I would wake up and used less product than normal to maintain my hair styles.

The pillowcase is very smooth so your hair won’t get tangled up while sleeping. This reduces split ends in your hair. Cotton pillowcase fibers create friction between your hair and the fabric which can lead to hair breakage.

More benefits include your skin’s health. Satin diminishes creases and wrinkles on the face. I have bad acne especially when Mother Nature is knocking on my door. The Satin Pillowcase By N Squared Salon has made my skin feel and look so good over the last week. I have been rocking the fresh face and getting many compliments.

So if you haven’t opened up a new window or tab while reading this you need to get on their web site and click on shop and pick up this amazing piece of luxury for $12.99.

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