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Ria Michelle is a style blogger and freelance stylist living in Miami, Florida. Working with brands like GUESS, bebe, Levi’s, and more have enabled Ria to take on new experiences and challenges that help her to grow as an individual. We love her effortless on-the-go style and flawless hair. Whether it’s curly or straight she always looks fantastic. We asked her to fill us in on her top style and beauty inspirations.

1. What inspired you to start your site RiaMichelle.com?

I had done personal style blogging years ago under the domain withering-rose.net (which still works btw, just redirects to riamichelle.com) and then I turned it into a modeling portfolio. After I realized modeling wasn’t for me, I discovered fashion blogging and since I can’t quit the internet I decided to give it a go.

2. How would you describe your style in 5 words?

I wear what I want.

3. What are your Winter essentials this year?

I live in Miami so I generally just keep doing what I’ve been doing. I might keep a leather or jean jacket in the car for those occasional temperature drops.

4. You’re a straight natural – we absolutely love your hair! Do you wear your hair curly or do you prefer wearing it straight? If so, why?

The only time I’ve worn my hair curly is in between sew-ins when I wear extensions. I prefer to wear it straight. It’s just easier for me to style in my daily life. I’ll curl it with a curling iron right before it’s time to get a blowout.

5. What three hair products could you not live without?

Edge control, hair spray, and moroccan oil.

6. Who’s behind the camera taking all those wonderful photos of you?

Various local photographers, friends, boyfriend, or myself and a tripod… basically the usual!

7. For many naturals it’s a journey to fully understand their hair. It’s a process of trial and error. What was your “Curls Understood™” moment? (The moment when you were like, “I’ve go this!”)

Ha, I don’t think I’ve had that moment yet. I’m still working through it. When I can comfortably and quickly wash and go with my hair then I feel like that will be my moment. For now, I’ll be at the salon for assistance.

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