Retaining Length: 5 Tips To Unlock The Mystery

With temperatures dropping in most places in the US, your curls will need more love than ever and moisture and length retention will be top of mind. Don’t let the cold weather stop any progress you’ve made with your hair. Here are five super helpful tips to keep your healthy locks on the right path…

Regular Protein Treatments Do Not Exist In Your Regimen

In order to continue to have fly curly/kinky/coily/wavy hair, you must focus on keeping your strands strong and healthy! Before you skip to reason number two, stick with me here for a quick second (ok, a minute). Protein molecules are the basic building blocks for each hair strand you have on your beloved crown. Without those basic building blocks, your hair would be brittle, dull and lacking essential moisturizing properties.

If you are noticing any sudden hair loss near your edges, crown or any perimeter of your scalp, think about the last time you gave yourself a protein–rich deep conditioning treatment. If it’s been more than one month, then boo it’s time to whip up a homemade protein treatment like Naptural85’s famous Greek Yogurt Treatment or Stephanie’s Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment technique. Protein whip your hair into shape, girl!

Your Waves, Curls, Coils or Kinks Are Not Getting Enough Moisture

Within your first month of being natural, I can most certainly bet that you heard, “Water is the main source of moisture for your natural hair.” Yes, this it totally a textbook explanation about why water and moisturized curls are so important, but there are a few tips and tricks that will help you implement more water into your hair shaft/hair routines:

• Use products that have water as the 1st main ingredient.
• Do not be afraid to give your curly a styles a light misting of water.
• If you have color treated hair, begin incorporating moisturizing deep conditioners on a weekly to bi-weekly basis.

Sealing In Moisture Is Foreign To You

Fly hair is well moisturized and full of luster. If you are noticing that your hair is breaking, dull or stringy, then it is time to take a step back and figure-out which MUST-DO hair techniques you are missing from your routine. More than likely, you may not be properly sealing your ends. There are tons of ways that you can do this, but my favorite way to seal is: leave-in conditioner + moisturizing styler + oil/butter. Simple, easy and super effective!

Curls Understood recommends Botanissa’s Curly Hair Butter which is carefully designed to soften and moisturize curly, textured or frizzy hair instantly.

Botanissa Curly Hair Butter

Bontanissa: Curly Hair Butter, $14.95, 8oz

You Mistake Oil As A Moisturizer

Oil is not a moisturizer, and I repeat… oil is NOT a moisturizer. Yes, it gives your hair much needed luster and it may also have softening properties, but oils (butters, too) are sealants. Just think about it, after you add water or a creamy moisturizer to your hair, it is not capable of sealing in that moisture alone (the particles are small in order to be absorbed into your hair); this is where you add in oil or butter.

Now, do not go overboard with your oils and butters (seriously, a little goes a long way), simply add a simple pin drop amount of oil then seal and go.

You are neglecting for your protective styles

We are all for protective styles not neglectful styles. Just because your hair is resting, does not mean you get to rest (ok, you can rest a little bit). Remember, it is still important to care for your hair by making sure you cleanse (if possible), moisturize and seal the hairs that are both exposed and hidden. When you maintain the moisturization piece of your routine on your protective style, you will notice that your take down will not leave your hair brittle, broken or dry. Trust me, your hair will thank you immediately!

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