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paul mitchell super sculpt glaze

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I tend to stick to my basics when dealing with my hair: oil or serum and sometimes foam. When I received this style glaze I was skeptical of how my hair would react. The Super Sculpt, quick drying glaze is from the Paul Mitchell Flexible Style product line.

It promises to provide flexible control and long-lasting memory while adding body and maximizing shine. It’s also paraben free, color safe and vegan.

I had never used a glaze before, so I referred to the back of the bottle for instructions. It said to work a small amount into damp, clean hair – okay, easy enough. After my shower, I worked a little bit of product into my ends and scrunched it up to my roots. Sometimes I diffuse my hair, but I decided let it hair dry and see what happens.

Moment of truth: I’m not sold on this product. My hair is super curly and pretty long, but my individual hairs are fine even though I have a lot of them. For me, this product was too much for my hair, even though I only used a little bit. It weighed my hair down and made it look a little bit greasy.

I like when my curls are big and bouncy, and even a bit messy. The super sculpt made my curls super defined and tight, but also too flat and sleek for my liking. Perhaps this glaze would be better for someone with course curls or thicker hair.

Although the product didn’t work for me, I found another way to use it up. Now I rub a tiny amount into my ends after spraying my hair with water in the morning to keep my ends together and frizz-free. It smells amazing and does the trick for a quick fix. I may not use it every day, but I love a product that can be versatile.


What It Does
Provides flexible control and long-lasting memory while adding body and maximizing shine.
How It Works
Conditioning, bodifying agents and panthenol add volume and memory.
Added Bonus
Dries fast so you get the results you want in less time.

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