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Foam Is Not The Enemy!

Hair foam used to be the enemy. I was always terrified of having the 90s look – you know, the crunchy hair that’s hard as a rock and always looks like it’s still wet. My curls and I made a pact long ago to stay away from foams, but recently we’ve decided maybe they aren’t so bad. Perhaps I was just using them wrong, or simply the wrong amount.

I tried a few different foams, but then this one showed up at my door and we’ve been in an exclusive relationship ever since. The Sculpting Foam is from the Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Product Line.

It is a conditioning foam that promises to enhance texture with long-lasting memory that controls frizz, adds shine and balances moisture. It does just that! It fits perfectly into my hair routine and gives me all the control I need without making my hair crunchy or sticky.

I use it when my hair is about half dry for the most control and least waste. This is when my curls are beginning to shape and become bouncy, so it’s the prime time to apply product. I have long hair so I flip my head over and use about a golf ball size of product scrunching from the tips of my curls to my roots, then flip my head back over and use a bit more on the shorter pieces that frame my face.

Once my hair is dry I have bouncy, touchable curls that are defined, but still have the perfect messy look. This product also provides good next-day hold for the times when I don’t wash or wet my hair. Just be careful not to apply too much – always start with a little and add more later because it can become a little gunky after multiple applications.

Does anyone else use this product? I would love to hear your experience with it – leave your thoughts in the comments!


What It Does
Enhances texture with long-lasting memory that controls frizz, adds shine and balances moisture.
How It Works
Styling and bodifying agents, combined with panthenol, provide touchable hold. Emollient conditioners smooth the surface of the hair.
Added Bonus
Creates gorgeous, crunch-free, defined curls.

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