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ouidad moisture lock leave-in conditioner

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Lately I’ve been trying a bunch of new conditioners and moisturizers. One of them being the Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner. I’ve been curious to try products by Ouidad because the have a broad product line for wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair. I tried the Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner and the Curl Recovery Curl Defining Soufflé. I will be reviewing Moisture lock Leave-in Conditioner here but look out for my Soufflé review soon.

This Leave-in Conditioner is available in Europe and 8.5 ounces (250 ml) – a good minimum amount for the price especially considering that I have a lot of hair. It’s a bit pricey at €23.40 in Europe and in the USA $23.00. The first thing that I noticed when I opened the bottle was the smell, which I did not like at all. It smells like a chemical bar of soap with a hint of men’s aftershave. Luckily, that smell doesn’t stick around for long after applying it to the hair.

It’s a creamy conditioner that does not weigh my hair down and keeps it very moisturized without having to use a whole lot. Additionally, this product makes my hair easy to detangle and leaves it soft with nice defined spirals and not a lot of frizz. Ouidad recommends this product for wavy and curly hair.


• Light weight and still moisturizing.
• Good detangler and nice curl definition.
• Leaves the hair soft and frizz free.
• Good packaging and good amount of product.


• Bad smell.
• Expensive.

Overall, I’d recommend this conditioner but consider trying a sample size first before committing to the full-sized bottle.


Moisture Lock helps build a lasting, breathable moisture foundation within the curl cuticle that dramatically improves curl formation, ease of styling and even the look of hair color. Arnica Extract rebalances curls with weight and substance to form with definition and bounce, while anti-oxidants protect curls and create healthy, glossy shine. – See more at: https://www.ouidad.com/shop/by-product-type/conditioner/moisture-lock.html#product-detail-tab

• Gives curls body and substance without weighing them down
• Encourages a well-defined curl pattern with healthy movement
• Free of residues and polymers that interfere with styling

Uneven moisture levels within curl cuticles hinder consistent curl formation, create dull or limp patches and reduce the effectiveness of styling products.

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