OSSAT Naturals: Smoothing Shampoo

OSSAT Naturals Smoothing Shampoo

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8 Coily Hair

8 Curly Hair

8 Kinky Hair

8 Wavy Hait

Rich With 5 Natural Ingredients

The OSSAT Naturals brand of healthy hair care products centers its hair focus on the “5-in-1 oils” that their products contain. These are Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Argan Oil and Tea Tree Oil make up the five oils and also lend a hand in the name of the brand, OSSAT. On the OSSAT Naturals Smoothing Shampoo bottle, there is a breakdown of how the five oils benefit the hair:

• Olive Oil – Moisturizes hair shaft, prevents dryness
• Shea Butter – Conditioning
• Sunflower Oil – Shine
• Argan Oil – Anti-Breakage
• Tea Tree Oil – Internal Repair


The OSSAT Naturals Smoothing Shampoo offers a “gentle deep cleansing, detangling, and protein strengthening” for the hair. It has no sulfates, parabens, phosphates, synthetic fragrance, and phthalates making it curly girl friendly. I followed the directions and applied to my wet hair, massaged it into the hair and scalp for about 3-5 minutes. I then comber the product through my natural hair and left it on for five minutes. Finally I rinsed out the product from my curls.


First, it is a must that I discuss the smell of this shampoo. It literally smells like the inside of a nail salon. I’m huge on the way a product smells and this smell is quite off-putting. When I think of the smell of a nail salon, I associate it with strong, pungent smells of nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol; not the best smell to associate with a natural hair product, but don’t let the off-putting smell deter you from an otherwise excellent shampoo.

On the first use of this product, I followed the directions that were given on the bottle. I’m not a big fan of detangling my hair while shampooing and this product did not have the best slip to detangle the hair.

Needless to say, that was my last time using this method to shampoo my hair. I simply use the product by applying it to hair and scalp, gently massaging and then rinsing. The OSSAT Naturals Smoothing Shampoo is not drying and adds softness to the hair while cleansing the hair and scalp. It has a really nice lather and can be used on all types of hair – kinky, coily, curly and wavy.

Overall, this is a great shampoo to use when your hair is in need of a gentle cleanse without stripping the hair of oils and drying the hair out.


Many Shampoos strip hair so clean that it dries it out, which causes you to use more moisturizing products to make up for what was lost ! Ossat Naturals Smoothing Shampoo is Sulfate and Paraben free and repairs and strengthens using vegetable proteins . It retains hair’s natural oils and restores its pH balance. The luxuriously rich formula gently cleanses as it moisturizes, leaving scalp feeling tingly, cool and refreshed while keeping hair silky clean. Excellent for all hair types.

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