Ossat Naturals: Form & Hold Wax

ossat naturals form and hold wax

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With natural hair becoming bigger than ever, more and more products have surfaced claiming to be the best product for our hair. I, like many women, have spent many hours and time on searching for the right product that suits my hair care needs. Recently, I came across the name Ossat Naturals. A company built on the idea that they inspire diversity and individuality among natural hair and and use no harsh chemicals, they have an array of products that help bring out the best of your hair.

As I normally am about trying new hair care products of any kind, I was skeptical about them. I was delightfully proven wrong. Each product is easy to read and breaks down what you’re putting in your hair and explains what each oil does for your hair. There is no animal testing or ingredients of any kind in these products.

ossat naturals form and hold wax

My Results

I tried their Form and Hold Wax and was shocked with how well and how fast the product worked. Using 5 essential oils in one product, it can be used for those transitioning as well, a huge plus for those just starting out. I used the wax to style and maintain twists, locks and knots.

At first touch it seems to be a smoother wax than most I have tried and unlike those before that I’ve tried, it’s strong enough to maintain your hair, but not stick to everything else while on your fingers.

A big plus for a product like this is that it can be used on damp or dry hair. So whenever I wanted to twist up my hair, try a new style or even touch up a few ends, it came in handy. It didn’t create a “crispy” effect at the end my hair and my hair still felt healthy after it was in.

The only downside to this product is that although it says that it can create anti-humidity control once in, it didn’t much help in the heat once I walked out the door (then again, mother nature isn’t much a fan of natural hair no matter what the product).

Overall, I am happy with the results of this product. It exceeded my expectations and Ossats Naturals is an ethically right company. I would absolutely recommend this product to friends and family; I already have! This company has become a new favorite in my cabinet and a huge help to my hair.


Ideal for twists, locks, knots, braids, sculpting and free styling. Defines and holds curl pattern. Adds shine, non-hardening, and humidity resistant. Apply to dry or damp hair to create and maintain twists, locks, braids or knots.

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