Osha Waiters

Osha’s style is enviable and effortless. We fell in love with her Instagram after spotting the infamous photo of Osha in a Mini Mouse hat! This curvy model’s street style photos look like the fell right out of Vogue magazine or a fashion photographer’s blog. Oh and did we mention her hair?! To die..

1. What inspired you to start your site OshaWaiters.com?

I started my page to promote my photography. But once I uploaded photos of me and my OOTD’s (outfits of the day). I saw people enjoyed that as well and decided to continue it that way.

2. Where are your favorite places to shop for clothes?

I shop almost everywhere, but I mix all of my pieces. I go thrifting to find cool statement pieces, then shop at stores like H&M, ASOS, Boohoo & etc. to fill in the gaps.

3. How would you describe your style in 5 words?

Mixture of eccentric with timeless.

4. What three hair products could you not live without?

Black castor oil, Shea butter & Conditioner.


5. Who’s behind the camera taking all those wonderful photos of you?

They’re either self-portraits, taken by my friends, my boyfriend or my mom. I just set up my camera and have them take my photos. I know they’re sick of me by now. :)

6. What was the last compliment you received about your hair?!

I was out with some friends and this woman approached me and told me that she loves my hair and it reminded her of a lion’s mane. I get compared to a lion a lot, lol. But the usual compliments are “I love your hair!” or “I wish I had hair like yours!”

7. For many naturals it’s a journey to fully understand their hair. It’s a process of trial and error. What was your “Curls Understood” moment (the moment you felt like, “I’ve got this!”)

My Curls Understood moment was finally finding the right moisturizing products for my hair. My biggest struggle was dry hair and scalp, so now I have that under control. & also lots of protective styles. When I’m home, I always have my hair tied up. The less I touch my hair, the better.

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Instagram: @oshawaiters

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