I Got My Hair Colored With Olaplex: Here’s What Happened

olaplex on natural hair

I’ve been natural for 8 years and I have not had my natural hair colored until last September. So I did some research on the color process and who I wanted to entrust with my natural curls. I’ve had a few horrible experiences at the salon and I was not going to have another. Below is my experience with olaplex on natural hair.

I contacted a stylist/colorist on Style Seat and scheduled my consultation. (Consultations are a must if you’re considering coloring your hair.) During my consultation, the stylist mentioned the Olaplex treatment. An Olaplex treatment is a 3-step process that works as a barrier on your hair to protect your hair from any harm that the chemicals from the color might cause.

Step 1 is mixed in with your color, step 2 is used when rinsing out after your color, and step 3 is a hair perfecter that you use once a week on wash day that also works to keep your curls beautiful and poppin’.

So I decided to go ahead and do the Olaplex. The results were amazing! Zero damage and my hair is still the same curl pattern it was before the treatment. My stylist gave me a take home product that I use on my hair once a week. I rinse my hair first with water, then apply a quarter-size amount of the product, comb it through, and leave it on my hair for 20 min.

After that, I rinse it out and continue with my wash day regimen. Sure it’s an extra step but it’s definitely proven to be worth it. It’s been 8 months since my coloring and my hair still looks as vibrant as when I first got it done.

I highly recommend getting the Olaplex treatment if you want to color your natural hair.  I also recommend seeking out a colorist who specializes in coloring natural hair. A box color just won’t do, curlfriend. I hope that my experience has helped you learn a little bit about the Olaplex treatment!

Here’s a video where I chat more about my experience. Hope you all enjoy!

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